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Top Cable Companies in India 2018

The Indian wire and cable industry in the last 5 years has grown at around 14-15 percent CAGR and this growth rate is expected to increase to 15-16 percent CAGR in the next 5 years, catapulting the total current market of Rs. 49,000 to Rs. 100,000 Cr in the next......
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V-Guard Industries Ltd.: Rapid Extension of Market Frontiers with Significant Capacity Expansion

With an extensive marketing and distribution network, V-Guard of late has seen increasing revenue share from markets other than South India, with revenue contribution from non-South markets going up from 9 to 33 percent during FY09-16.The company is also undergoing significant capacity additions at its wire and cable division. V-Guard......

Assomac Machines Ltd. Machines, Wire Industry & Growth

Assomac, as an indigenous technology leader, has witnessed a period of over three decades of evolving wire technologies by being a key player in the process and pulling the wire industry along with. Assomac is among few companies which have helped the Indian wire industry reach a global quality benchmark......

Rosendahl Nextrom Technology, Precise and Reliable

With core values like quality, customization, product know-how and close cooperation with partners, Rosendahl has largely been able to churn out unrivalled technological solutions for wire and cable industry. Rosendahl Nextrom is a world leader in providing turn-key solutions for the global fi ber-, wire- and cable market which operates......

RPG Cables Open to Partnerships and Alliances

The Wire and Cable India team (WCI) recently had an interesting conversation with Mr. Nikhil Gupta, Executive Director, RPG Cables – a division of KEC International Limited – about how his company’s new facility had performed over the last one year and his future plans. RPG Cables is capable of......