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AEI Machines: We Are Continually Refining and Evolving Our Production Processes & Capabilities

“As a company spearheading the adoption of the latest technological trends… our machines have been Industry 4.0 ready for the last few years and include features such as fully networked architecture, remote access and monitoring, data collection and transmission features.” In an interview with Wire & Cable India, Mr. Alok......

wire India 2018

AEI Machines at wire India 2018 Associated Engineers & Industrials Ltd. will showcase its Rigid Stranders at wire India 2018, which is scheduled from 27-29 November in Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. With 47 years of continuous presence in manufacturing and design of Rigid Stranding Machines, AEI Machines......
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The Year 2017 & Ahead

The wire and cable industry in India is growing at respectable rate currently and hopes to continue doing so in the next few years, because of many ambitious plans for infrastructure development as announced by the Govt. in the railways, power transmission, data communication, etc. As the new year is......
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AEI Machines: The Name Synonymous with Rigid Stranders

The company’s main focus is to incorporate Rigid Stranders with latest techno-logies to overcome manufacturing challenges and improve process efficiencies. October 26, 2016 Established in 1971 by Mr. L. S. Jain, Chairman, AEI Machines has been manufacturing various types of rotating cable machines for the stranding, screening, armoring and laying-up......
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Asian Giants to Host Two Successive Wire & Cable Events

India and China is going to be grounds for two major wire and cable exhibitions separated by hardly 10 days. Wire and cable companies across globe are in flurry to catch up with both the events where they can showcase their products and recent developments to a large visitors’ footfall.......
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