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APAR Industries: Commissioning 2 Additional CCV Lines and a New HV Lab to Meet Testing Requirements

Mr. VK Bajaj, Sr President-Business Strategy and Innovation, APAR Industries Ltd., dives in about the recent developments in the manufacturing unit, industry 4.0 initiatives, and innovative products manufactured by the company. “We already had 2 Ebeam machines commissioned in 2012. Recently, we commissioned a new 2.5 MeV machine and another......
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Cable & Wire Fair 2015: Announcing the Boom in the Wire and Cable Industry

Businesses, Ideas, and Leaders together to discuss the future of the sector Cable & Wire Fair 2015 is all set to become the growth partner of the buoyant Indian wire and cable industry. The Indian wire and cable industry, 40 percent of the electrical industries, is growing at CAGR of......
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Local Genius

Most of us would agree that the term “local machinery”has negative connotations: It bespeaks impersonality. But when we start talking about Supermac Industries, we are compelled to change our preconceived notion. There is something about Supermac that brings a smile to our face. What is it that makes Supermac so......
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