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Mixer: Italian Excellence in the Cable Industry, Solutions for Medium Voltage Insulation

Mixer S.p.A. combines the quality of Italian excellence, where each single detail matters, with the passion for innovation. Closely collaborating with its customers, Mixer S.p.A. uses its acquired know-how and expertise to offer state-of-the-art technology and performance of compounds. Its product brand, EKOPREN® includes a wide variety of solutions for......

Sumitomo Electric Completes Long-Term Test for 525kV Cross-Linked Polyethylene Submarine Cable

In view of the rising demand for renewable energy sources, HVDC cable technology is becoming increasingly preferred because it is suitable for long-distance power transmissions. Sumitomo 525 kV DC XLPE submarine cable system can supply the highest voltage for XLPE cables. September 30, 2022 Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has completed......

The TROESTER Group to exhibit at Wire 2022

TROESTER will showcase its products and solutions at Booth 10/F60 during Wire 2022 which will be held between June 20-24, 2022, at Düsseldorf Fairgrounds, Germany. April 1, 2022 The TROESTER Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of complete extrusion systems and compounding solutions for the cable industry. The excellent results......
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Cable & Wire Fair 2015: Announcing the Boom in the Wire and Cable Industry

Businesses, Ideas, and Leaders together to discuss the future of the sector Cable & Wire Fair 2015 is all set to become the growth partner of the buoyant Indian wire and cable industry. The Indian wire and cable industry, 40 percent of the electrical industries, is growing at CAGR of......
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Quality Control: To Finalize Usability

Quality control is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production to ensure that products meet all the quality specifications and requirements. In the wire and cable industry, a quality issue, among other things, is also a safety issue. Cables need to comply with......
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The Middle East Story: Changes in Power Cable Industry

Issam Siddique* The cable industry in the Middle East is set for interesting times. The thrust provided by Government backed infrastructure spending has set into motion a direct push for power cables and allied raw materials. The new found infusion mainly from local demand is causing cable manufacturers, especially power......
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