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Cable & Wire Fair 2015: Omens of Profuse Growth

A dazzling display of products and machineries from the wire and cable industry represented by over 12 countries was unveiled amid large gathering of visitors. Businesses, ideas, and leaders came together to discuss the future of the sector at the conference happening in parallel with the expo. Cable & Wire......

CMI: Ready for Its Share

With constantly improving balance sheet, inflating range of products, and two notable acquisitions in recent past, CMI seems set for its bon voyage in the growing wire and cable industry. Incorporated in 1967, CMI initially was engaged in copper metal trade and copper melting and rod casting. In 1980, the......
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Fire Retardant Cables: SAFETY ON TOP

The fire properties of cables are of great importance from a fire safety perspective. To ensure that cable performs up to the mark on fire safety standards is critical to both manufacturers and end users. Wire & Cable India magazine wished to inquire into how important the fire safety is......