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ASSOMAC will Present Indigenously Made LRPC Wire Drawing Machine, a Stride Towards Self-Reliant India

ASSOMAC Group always believes in giving the latest trends to its customers and this has helped in increasing their customer base year by year. Recently, they have manufactured an indigenously made 1200 mm 9 blocker wire drawing machine for high carbon wires of LRPC grades. In a recent interaction with Wire & Cable India magazine, Mr. Ashish Tyagi, Managing Director, ASSOMAC Group, talked about their participation in the Wire Dusseldorf, product showcase, and their future goals.

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Mr. Ashish Tyagi, Managing Director, ASSOMAC Group

Wire & Cable India: What are your key objectives for participating in Wire 2024, Germany?

Ashish Tyagi: ASSOMAC has been a regular participant in the Wire Dusseldorf along with other wire exhibitions at various locations. We’ve been serving the wire industry since the early 1970s. We began by focusing on the Indian market, establishing ourselves as a preferred supplier. Over time, our customer base has grown significantly. Driven by the constant change in technological demands, we delve into the international markets to keep abreast of the latest technological innovations and to understand the demands emerging from across the globe. Our main aim for participating in the exhibition is to have in-depth discussions with the prospective visitors to exercise greater control over the entire production process from design to quality assurance.

We have never looked back since our first participation in Germany in the year 1992. India is now one of the global manufacturing hubs due to large Indian customers focusing on delivering high-quality machines at a competitive price. Assomac regularly exports machines that are of international standard. Dusseldorf – Germany Wire Exhibition is regarded as the largest wire fair and here we get to meet customers from all parts of the world. It is indeed a happening place for the wire industry which takes place every alternative year. We get to know the latest happening in the world and also a platform for us to showcase our achievements in the wire industry.

WCI: Which specific products or technologies will you be showcasing at the event?

AT: Modern machines and technologies are giving a newer dimension to the engineering sector. Since the inception of our company, we have been on the path of success achieving technological breakthroughs and setting new standards for the industry. Our first breakthrough in technological upgradation was in manufacturing stainless steel wire-making machines. Within a very short span, many companies for manufacturing stainless steel wire emerged in India. Today India has created a name in manufacturing stainless steel wire and a huge quantity of stainless steel wire is being exported to developed nations like Europe and the United States. We also made an impact in the manufacturing of MIG wire plants, specialized wire galvanizing plants, and other high-quality machines which are as per the standard of developed countries.

We have recently manufactured an indigenously made 1200 mm 9 blocker wire drawing machine for high carbon wires of LRPC grades. We will be sharing the latest developments of this indigenously made wire drawing machine at the forthcoming event at Dusseldorf. The new machine underscores our dedication to promoting self-reliance and technological advancement for its customers. We are a contributor to the Make In India initiative and our machines meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and precision.

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WCI: What is your USP that sets you apart from your competitors in the wire drawing equipment market?

AT: Although India is only a small player in the world trade of wire machinery building, however in due course of time ASSOMAC has built up its name as a wire machinery manufacturer on the world map. Our focus on international trade and exports is our USP that sets us apart from any of our competitors. We believe that no matter what approach we take if we look back, nothing can beat experience. Though we started with a humble beginning our customers taught us to innovate for them the latest as per their requirements. The companies who adopted the new approaches were very few in that era and taking advantage, ASSOMAC built up its name in due course of time with great confidence our customers had in us.

WCI: Have there been any recent developments at your company, if so kindly share them with us.

AT: ASSOMAC always believes in giving the latest trends to its customers and this has helped in increasing the customer base year by year. There was a huge pressure from customers to supply the equipment and machines in time. During the last 3-5 years we have invested heavily in the latest machines to enhance the production speed on our shop floor. This has helped in giving customers high-quality products delivered at an agreed cost. We are now known worldwide for the superlative quality of our products and on a rough estimate around 40 percent of our revenue is generated from exports.

WCI: What are your long-term vision and goals?

AT: ASSOMAC Group has always strived hard to give the latest to its customers and that too at an economical cost. We have never seen a slowdown but the same is due to the trust of our customers in us that always comes to our rescue. Customers remember us because they trust us and have faith in our product’s quality and technology. We have our R&D facility which maintains strong technological advances from time to time. This helps us to provide our customers with advanced solutions to meet and even exceed their requirements. ASSOMAC is always looking forward to further growth and reaching the unexplored market.

WCI: Please shed light on your market footprint and key clientele.

AT: Experience, credibility, reliability, and profound competence – these are the traditional values of our company with a history that stretches back more than four decades. We are innovative by tradition, and we have been a consistent pacemaker in technological progress in the wire industry. During this long journey as and when we settled in the domestic market, we rapidly began getting recognized in the Indian wire industry in India, our company took upon the task of catering to the international market with the best equipment. We are now proud to boast that ASSOMAC has the largest and most satisfied customer base. We not only supply the equipment but also adequate our customers by project planning, execution, training, and maybe up-grading of existing equipment. Our clientele includes TATA Steel, Bansal Group, Systematic Group, Nirmal Wire, Rungta and the list goes on.

Visit Stand: Hall 9 / A73 at Wire Dusseldorf

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