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Supermac Industries on the Path of Moving in the Global HV Cable Markets Aggressively

Supermac Industries (India) Limited has recently expanded their manufacturing capacity by setting up a new plant at Dharuhera. They are currently working on expanding their presence in the US market with strategic steps which they will be gradually unfolding. Soon, they will be launching the Cat 7 line and entering into 220 KV cable CCV lines. This was revealed by Mr. Vivek Kohli, Director and Board Member of Supermac Industries in a recent interaction with Wire & Cable India magazine.

supermac industries
Mr. Jasvinder Singh, Managing Director, Supermac Industries (India) Ltd.
supermac industries
Mr. Vivek Kohli, Director and Board Member of Supermac Industries

Wire & Cable India: What are your key objectives for participating in Wire 2024, Germany?

Vivek Kohli: The world is moving towards Net zero facilitation. With renewable energy integration in the grid and E-mobility usage with the increased use of fully electric vehicles, there is a spurt in electric demand across the world. This has opened up opportunities for the wire and cable industry.

In India, in the last five years, there has been a lot of focus on the transmission and distribution sector with smart cities and other infrastructural projects coming up. We have witnessed a surge in demand in this sector and as a result, several electrical industries are taking a step forward to put up new cable projects or increase their capacities. We too have been getting several inquiries not only from the Indian market but also from across the globe.

Our prime objective in participating in the Wire 2024 show is to showcase our product range and solutions to the customers coming from across the globe. In the Indian markets, besides standard products, we have successfully executed high end HV cable CCV lines. As of now, Supermac’s and Scholz’ (German partner) CCV lines are operating with the highest number of customers in India. Thanks to our leader, Mr. Jasvinder Singh, Managing Director, Supermac Industries (India) Limited, for always being a guiding support. These lines are operating in the Indian market with the top class quality, advance automation version and are fully automatic lines. With our European partner M/S Scholz, we are on the path of moving in the global HV cable markets aggressively.

We shall be using this opportunity to expand our customer base in untapped markets by offering fully automated, high-speed extrusion lines with affordable IOT solutions as an integral part of the supply.

WCI: What new products or technologies will you be showcasing at the event?

VK: We shall be displaying our most advanced and high output extrusion system having a 200 mm extruder and a co-extruder for jacketing of EHV cables.

We are fully geared up to offer differentiated products and solutions in new upcoming areas like high speed FTTH optical fibre line which is a masterpiece of Supermac product portfolio. The line is equipped with very high precision tension control devices, which runs in a complete closed loop system. The special design extruder offers the perfect extrusion and provides the online diameter control, capacitance monitoring system. There are various combinations e.g. Tandem, Co extrusion or Single Extrusion, with incorporation of many types of fillers, yarns and on line corrugation facility.

Supermac offers state of the art high speed tandem line for data cable manufacturing. Under supreme guidance and supervision of Mr. Jasvinder Singh, we are in the final stage of development of the Cat 7 line and very soon, we will be launching this product.

To meet FEP/PTFE cable requirements for military applications, aerospace and aircraft equipment, OEM and nuclear power products, Supermac will showcase specially designed high speed extrusion lines for FEP/PTFE. Beside that, Supermac has developed a Silicone cable system with an on line curing tunnel system.

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WCI: Please shed light on your plans to establish a physical presence in the US. Kindly comment on your market footprint and key clientele.

VK: We have been able to cater the needs of US and other markets by providing high speed THHN, building wire and sheathing lines. Some of our prestigious orders which we recently executed were for a US Defence and Aerospace company. Some orders were for a US based multinational cable company for which we are an approved supplier. We supplied customized products to them and got repeat orders. Our products are acknowledged all over the globe as we offer high speed, fully automatic, best in quality and cost effective products with 24×7 online service support.
We have recently supplied one high speed automotive line to a multinational automotive company.

With the advancement of the 5G network and in view of the future demands of fibre cables for implementation of 5G technologies, we have received big equipment orders from Europe and US. These orders are either executed or under execution.

Supermac is represented in the USA by Kineri of America and our reach to customers has gone up in both sales and services. With the US poised to plan an investment of USD 10-12 billion year by year in its transmission and distribution sector, there is significant market growth opportunity for the wire and cable industry. However, the market has big constraints of shortage of equipment supplies and of long lead times. With such an opportunity available and with able leadership of Mr. Jasvinder Singh, Supermac is working on expanding their presence in the US market with strategic steps which they will be gradually unfolding.

WCI: Could you tell us about recent & noteworthy developments happening at your company?

VK: We have recently expanded our manufacturing capacity by a new large size plant near Delhi. This year, we have a huge order book for supplying more than 10 CCV lines and several other extrusion lines. We are working on developing optical fiber lines like Cat 7 and buffering lines. On the EHV cables side, beside 200+80 mm sheathing extrusion lines, we are moving ahead with our vision of entering into 220 KV cable CCV lines.

WCI: Supermac Industries has actively implemented Industry 4.0 solutions. What is your vision for the future of wire and cable manufacturing in the context of Industry 5.0?

VK: We at Supermac not only provide innovative solutions for the equipment, but also thrust a lot on automation and exceeding the needs of the customer in terms of higher productivity and lesser operational cost. We give quality products and offer new technologies and cost effective solutions. Some of our products on IIOT are modelled on affordable costs, which customers are ready to invest in. Each of our products related to IIOT or automation is a result of constant and continuous efforts on R&D and innovation. We reach out to the customers, provide them with the entire concept, work with their teams hand in hand to implement the IIOT solutions and ensure that customers reap complete benefits using Industry 4.0 tools.

WCI: What specific challenges and opportunities do you see emerging technologies like AI and advanced robotics bringing to the Indian wire and cable industry? What are your long-term vision and goals?

VK: The future of Industry 5.0 implementation in wire and cable industry is an excellent opportunity to sink in with the Make in India initiative and realise the full potential of Indian manufacturing capabilities and thereby adapting this change with the AI. India is at the moment going to be a manufacturing hub. We are already in Industry 4.0 and using IIOT solutions and therefore to add AI, robotics, realisation of optimal data using cloud computing, innovation and creativity is a transitional step for us.

Overall, the widespread adoption of Industry 5.0 would require collaborative efforts of wire and cable industry leaders and related associations. The Indian industry and associations can work closely with the government and make short and long term plans for the adoption of Industry 5.0 in the wire and cable segment and expand its growth.

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