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West Coast Optilinks Opens Second Manufacturing Facility in Hyderabad

West Coast Optilinks (WCO) marked a significant milestone with the opening of its second manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, doubling its optical fiber cable production capacity. WCO is committed to innovation and will leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality to meet the evolving needs of the market. The company is also committed to sustainability and implements energy-efficient technologies, waste reduction and recycling programs, and water-efficient technologies. It aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of connectivity and meet the evolving needs of the optical fiber cable market in India. This was shared by Mr. Pramod Kumar Srivastava, CEO, West Coast Optilinks, during an interaction with Wire & Cable India magazine.

West Coast
Mr. Pramod Kumar Srivastava, CEO, West Coast Optilinks
Photo Source: West Coast Optilinks

Wire & Cable India: West Coast Optilinks’ (WCO) new facility in Hyderabad is now operational. Cast some light on your facility’s infrastructure, production capacity, and technology.

Pramod Kumar Srivastava: The new facility at Hyderabad marks a significant milestone for West Coast Optilinks (WCO). This is our second optical fiber cable manufacturing unit after Mysuru! We have invested in creating a state-of-the-art establishment boasting advanced infrastructure tailored to optimize our production processes, increase efficiency, and deliver unparalleled quality. Our team researched the latest machinery & equipment from global leaders before finalizing the ones required to meet the latest standards.

The expansion has nearly doubled our optical fiber cable capacity to produce the latest products demanded by various telecom, datacom, and utilities applications globally. Furthermore, with enhanced production capacity, we are much better equipped to meet the escalating demands of the market seamlessly, especially with the esteemed Bharatnet Project which has finally taken shape.

At WCO, innovation is at the heart of everything we do and our new facility exemplifies our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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WCI: The industry is now transitioning from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0. How, according to you, has the implementation of Industry 4.0 evolved over the years? Do you think that the wire & cable industry is ready to adapt to this evolving industrial revolution?

PKS: We are at the cusp of an amazing transition. At WCO, it’s been thrilling to witness the remarkable progress, especially advancements in automation, data analytics, and connectivity transforming manufacturing processes due to Industry 4.0 implementation. With Industry 5.0 industrial practices, we look forward to emphasizing human-machine collaboration and personalized production. The journey towards Industry 5.0 entails further integration of human creativity and intelligence into the manufacturing landscape – it will present new challenges and opportunities.

In the wire and cable industry, the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies increased operational efficiency, enhancing quality and flexibility. Solutions like real-time monitoring to smart manufacturing have empowered wire and cable manufacturers to meet diverse customer needs, embrace digital transformation and cultivate a culture of innovation. For those who want to be standing at the end of the race, transitioning to Industry 5.0 will include leveraging emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and collaborative robotics to enable seamless interaction between humans and machines.

As an industry, we can survive and thrive by fostering a collaborative ecosystem prioritizing human-centric design and personalized experiences. It is also the way forward to drive sustainable growth in this digital world.

WCI: What marketing strategies do you use to enhance your sales and market presence?

PKS: From the beginning, our customers have been at the heart of our strategies and actions. At WCO, we employ a multifaceted approach to enhance our sales and market presence, leveraging traditional and digital marketing strategies. Every action is tailored to our target audience and industry landscape through our website and social media channels along with active participation in various networking and industry events in India, Europe and Africa where we have face-to-face interactions with our customers. This year, we are once again co-sponsoring OFC networks in India where we will be communicating about the latest market trends and developments at WCO. Each traditional and digital interaction helps us build relationships, create unique solutions and stay informed about market trends and customer needs.

WCI: 5G is more wired than we see. How do you foresee the future of the optical fibre cable market in India?

PKS: I see a future of great opportunity to expand, and this expansion will be fuelled by the surging demand for high-speed connectivity and the Indian government’s focus on expanding broadband connectivity. In the future, we anticipate a significant increase in the deployment of optical fiber infrastructure across India to support the rollout of 5G networks and meet the escalating demand for reliable and high-speed connectivity.

Since optical fiber cables are the backbone of 5G networks, we can expect faster data transmission, lower latency and greater bandwidth capacity compared to traditional networks. This new era of modernization and automation is with initiatives such as Digital India and BharatNet are accelerating the deployment in urban areas where 5G adoption is expected to be rapid. In rural regions, optical fiber connectivity is being done to connect all gram panchayats, it can effectively bridge the digital divide and enable inclusive growth.

At West Coast Optilinks, we will continue to offer customized solutions and exemplary service by leveraging our expertise and innovation. We aim to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of connectivity and meet the evolving needs of the optical fiber cable market in India.

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WCI: What future developments and innovations can we expect from WCO in the telecommunications sector?

PKS: Developments and innovations have been a hot topic and are extensively discussed by my team and me. We keep discussing – what next? Which future development to tap? Which innovation to adopt? Innovation is at the core of our business philosophy, and my team and I are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry.

Our commitment is to provide customized optical fiber for telecommunications, railways, oil and gas sector, smart cities or data center meeting the unique requirements of each sector. We are going to do everything to stay at the forefront of technology and collaborate closely with our customers and partners.

WCI: Tell us about the recent product development and their USPs and the R&D that the company has been undertaking at WCO.

PKS: This is something we love to talk about – as we are continuously strengthening our research and development of optical fiber and optical fiber cable. Our innovative products for telecom and datacom applications are consumed in the home market and exported to several countries. The focus is on application-based product development with agile principles where speed and ease of deployment are at the core of development activities. We have developed a range of optical fiber cables for FTTA (Fiber to the Antenna) applications and various cables for deployment in data centres. Our strength is our ability to quickly iterate and refine our products based on customer inputs and market demand. This enables us to be close to customers, understand the evolving needs and prioritize R&D spend.

West Coast Optilinks

The one thing I am proud to share – all our products are qualified to meet stringent MTCTE requirements.
Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that WCO has recently acquired the prestigious NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certificate. This certification underscores our unwavering commitment to quality, accuracy and reliability in all our testing and calibration processes. Our NABL-certified testing laboratory gives us an enviable edge and builds enhanced confidence in our customers.

WCI: With the growing focus on environmental responsibility, how is WCO committed to sustainability throughout its manufacturing processes and products?

PKS: Sustainability is ingrained in our corporate values and business practices. Our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly solutions throughout our manufacturing processes and products is evident in our energy-efficient technologies and practices optimizing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions reduction across our manufacturing facilities. Recently, we shifted to efficient lighting systems, allowing plenty of natural light in our manufacturing plants.

We implement robust waste reduction and recycling programs to minimize waste generation and maximize resource recovery. By segregating and recycling waste materials such as plastics, metals, and paper, we divert waste from landfills and promote a circular economy. We implement water-efficient technologies, optimize water recycling and reuse systems and conduct regular audits to identify opportunities for further improvement.

Overall, sustainability is a core value at WCO, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our environmental performance and contributing to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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