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Power is of paramount importance to life; and to transmit and distribute it in today’s world, we need state-of-the-art cables. Cable companies around the world are busily trying to address the growing need for quality cables. Many of them have been able to produce a steady supply of cables, and some of them are delivering cables that are not only durable and reliable but also safe for the customer.

Wire & Cable India magazine has featured in this article the top cable manufacturers in India -companies that are known for their commitment to quality and innovation and that are working hard to expand their global footprint.

Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.

Safe Raho. Save Karo.

1 Polycab

Established : 1968

Headquarter : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Branch Locations : Delhi, Chandigarh, Noida, Lucknow, Jaipur, Guwahati, Kolkata, Orissa, Patna, Ranchi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Raipur, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Secunderabad

Manufacturing Facilities : 16

Number of Employees : 7,698

Installed Capacity:
LDC : 16,99,500 kms
LV Control Cables : 1,05,600 kms
LT Power Cables : 62,520 kms
Instrumentation Cables  : 22,200 kms
HT Cables : 13,020 kms

2013-14: 9,74, 521 kms
2012-13: 9,60,215 kms
2011-12: 10,22,085 kms

LV Control Cables:
2013-14: 64,404 kms
2012-13: 67,932 kms
2011-12: 53,601 kms

LT Power Cables:
2013-14: 34,215 kms
2012-13: 36,061 kms
2011-12: 32,487 kms

Instrumentation Cables:
2013-14: 10, 853 kms
2012-13: 11,183 kms
2011-12: 6,460 kms

HT Cables:
2013-14: 5,250 kms
2012-13: 5,829 kms
2011-12: 5,845 kms


2013-14: Rs. 4,247.8 crores (Gross)
2012-13: Rs. 4,133.3 crores (Gross)

Net Profit:

Before Tax:
2013-14: Rs. 144.8 crores
2012-13: Rs. 116.1 crores

After Tax:
2013-14: Rs. 93.2 crores
2012-13: Rs. 76.9 crores

Growth Rate: 3% (Net Profit)

Net Worth:
2013-14: Rs. 1,362.1 crores
2012-13: Rs. 1,293.5 crores

Product Portfolio and Applications:

1High Voltage CablePower supply from 66kv to 220kv
2Medium Voltage CablePower supply from 3.3kv to 33kv
3Low Voltage Power and Control CablePower and control supply up to 1.1kv
4Fire Survival CableTo sustain fire integrity of 950°C for 3 hours
5Single Core FR/FRLS/ZHFR/FS – House WireInternal House/Office wiring
6Single Core FR/FRLS/HRFR – Industrial FlexiblePanel Wire / Industrial Flexible
7Multi Core FlexibleIndustry and Internal cabling
(where armouring is not required)
8Flat Flexible CableSubmersible pump connection
9Telephone (Dry & Jelly filled)Telephone switchboard
10Coaxial CableTV application
11LAN CableComputer application
12Speaker CableSpeaker connection
13Welding CableHigh temp welding application
14Solar CableSolar panel & power application
15Instrument CableInstrument signaling connection
16BMS CableBuilding Management System signal cable
17Steel Braided CableFlexible cable with more mechanical strength

CSR Activities:

On the CSR front, our major emphasis is on making a difference to our large family of employees, trade partners, electricians, shop boys etc. We help our employees to provide excellent quality education to their children. We also put in a lot of efforts on making them aware of health and hygiene. We propose to take up a massive program for imparting technical training to electricians in the country as an effort to bridge the skill gaps. Our plants contribute to better environment management, rain water harvesting and maintain the ecological balance in the neighboring villages. The promoters of Polycab actively support a number of social and philanthropic causes that we do not make public.

New Developments:

Polycab intends to adopt a sustainability agenda and bring out specific products for solar and wind related applications. We are also examining newer technology partnerships for EHV cables and high-end specialty conductors. We are also looking at developing some unique environment friendly products for the house wires segment. We are also considering to serve various applications of specialty cables in offshore oil & gas platforms & rigs, elevators, military/naval shipping, mining, merchant shipping, nuclear power market, airports, aerospace market, onshore/offshore wind farms, rolling stock, security camera (CCTV) etc.

Product/Brand Launches:

Lighting, Fans, Switches, Glands and Water Heaters

Market Footprint:

  • Distributors: 250
  • Dealers: 1,250
  • Retailers: 5,000

Exports: 20%

EPC Contracts:

Currently we have 5 EPC projects going on in the following areas:

  • Azamgarh, UP – 1 project
  • Patna, Bihar – 2 projects
  • Pune, Maharashtra – 1 project
  • Vaishali, Bihar – 1 project

Future Targets:

Polycab is a Rs. 4,500 crores group at present, expects to be a Rs. 10,000 crores group within the coming five years. At present we are at an interesting stage of evolution. We are blending some outstanding professionals into the company to augment the tremendous entrepreneurial success of the Jaisinghani family, under the visionary leadership of our founder and chairman Mr. Inder Jaisinghani. We want to build stronger systems, higher process orientation and better controls through Oracle ERP implementation. While increasing the width and depth of our distribution network as well as increasing our market share in the existing business, we will come up with many more synergetic products in the electrical business that surrounds the customer with a wider product portfolio. This will transform us into a much more profitable and stronger company. Today our wires are making it to the people’s homes. Tomorrow, our switches, MCB’s, lighting, fans and other products will standardize lifestyle décor even more. We will bring greater happiness into our customers lives by enhancing stakeholder value.

Joint Ventures:

We will consider and evaluate all possible opportunities which is right fit for Polycab in its expansion strategy in synergetic products in the electrical business like switches, MCB’s, lighting, fans, appliances, optical fiber cables, EHV cables and conductors in near future.

Sterlite Technologies Ltd.

‘Connecting Every Home on the Planet’

2 Sterlite

Established  : 1988

Headquarter : Pune, Maharashtra

Branch locations : Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and international sales offices in 9 countries across the world

Manufacturing Facilities : Aurangabad, Shendra, Silvassa, Piparia, Haridwar, Jharsuguda, Brazil and China

Number of Employees : 1,400

Installed Capacity:
Optical Fibre: 20 million km

Conductors: 1,75,000 MT

2013-14: Rs. 2,726 crores
2012-13: Rs. 3,354 crores

Net Profit:
2013-14: Rs. 50 crores
2012-13: Rs. 47 crores

Product Portfolio and Applications:

  • Telecom Products & Solutions: Optical fibers & preform fiber optic cables, structured data cables system integration
  • Power Products & Solutions: Power conductors, HV/EHV power cables, OPGW cables, rods & accessories, engineering T&D networks, neutral networks
  • Fiber to Homes, Towers, SMBE
  • Power Transmission Networks (BOOM): 6 Cross-country projects, 5,000 circuit km transmission lines, 3 substations

CSR Activities:

The CSR activities of the company includes virtual classrooms at municipal schools, nursing, tailoring and other vocational courses for wider sections of the society through Sterlite Tech. foundation.

New Developments:

  • Telecom R&D Center of excellence
  • Key innovations in upto 10 tb/s data transmission over long haul demonstrated

Product/Brand Launches:

Bend insensitive series of optical fibers, 200 micron micro cable

Market Footprint:

33% of the revenues from exports

Finolex Cables Ltd.

Behtar Electrikal Ke Liye


Established : 1958

Headquarter : Pune, Maharashtra

Branch Locations : 25 across India

Manufacturing Facilities : 10 units at Pimpri (Pune), Urse (Pune), Verna (Goa) and Roorkee (Uttarakhand)

Number of Employees : 2,000

Installed Capacity:
LDC: 25,00,000
JFTC: 22,000
OFC: 96,000

Electrical Cables:
2013-14: 54,423 MT
2012-13: 50,445 MT

Metal based Communication Cables
2013-14: 5,576 MT
2012-13: 4,678 MT

Optical Fibre Cables:
2013-14: 31,023 km
2012-13: 49,080 km

2013-14: Rs. 2,359 crores
2012-13: Rs. 2,271 crores

Net Profit (PBT):
2013-14: Rs. 244 crores
2012-13: Rs. 171 crores

Growth Rate: Overall sales grew by 4% in value terms when compared to 2012-13

Net Worth: Rs. 1,103 crores

Product Portfolio and Applications:

Electrical Cables:

  • 1100 V PVC insulated cables – electrification of industrial establishments, electrical panel wiring and consumer electrical goods.
  • Motor winding PVC insulated cables and 3 core flat cables – submersible pumps and electrical motors.
  • Automotive/battery cables – wiring harness for automobile industry and battery cables for various applications.
  • UPS cables – For providing power from the UPS to the computer/appliances in the networking environment.
  • Heavy duty, underground, low voltage, power and control cables – connection to the user point from main supply of power.
  • Heavy duty, underground, high voltage, power cables – Intra-city power distribution network.

Communication Cables:

  • Jelly filled telephone cables (JFTCs) – telephone line connections to exchanges and users.
  • Local Area Network (LAN) cables – Indoor and outdoor networking, voice and data transmission, broadband usage.
  • PE insulated telephone cables (switchboard cables) – telephone instrument connections to EPABX.
  • Coaxial cables – Cable TV network solutions, microwave communications, mobile towers.
  • Optic fibre – Principal raw material for optic fibre cables.
  • Optic fibre cables – For use in networks requiring high speed transfer of large bandwidth due to voice, image and data transmission.

Copper Rods:

CCC rods of 8 mm diameter: Raw material for manufacture of copper based cables.

Electrical Switches:

Premium & classic switches, sockets, regulators, etc: Domestic lighting, hotels, shops, offices, corridors.


Retrofit & non-retrofit CFL lamps as well as T5 Tube Lights and Fittings: Domestic lighting, hotels, shops, offices, corridors.

CSR Activities:

The Finolex Group has set up the following entities to help nearby communities in the field of education:

  • Finolex Academy of Management Technology (FAMT), Ratnagiri.
  • The International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT), Hinjewadi, Pune.
  • Through Hope Foundation, Finolex pursues its charitable objectives in the field of medicine.
  • The Group has set up the Mukul Madhav Foundation that has set-up a school named Mukul Madhav Primary School for the children of the Konkan area at Ratnagiri.

New Developments:

  • The company has recently expanded the Roorkee plant and doubled its capacity by the year 2013-14. This follows the doubling of capacity at the Urse plant for the medium voltage power cable using latest technology from the Troester Germany. This technology allows the company to offer near zero discharge cable to the customers.
  • The company expanded its fibre capacity from 1 million to 2 million fibre kms per year and its fibre optic cable capacity from 6,000 to 8,000 kms per month. Further expansion is underway and it will take its capacity to 10,000 cable kms per month by Q2 2014-15.
  • Consolidation of the Pune manufacturing operations at Urse has been largely completed with only skeletal activity remaining at Pimpri. This has helped further improve the cost competitiveness in the Low Duty Electrical Cables offered by the Company.
  • The Company intends to enter the switchgear market. Product launch is expected during the 3rd quarter of 2014-15 – these products will be manufactured at the Roorkee site and equipment necessary has been ordered.
  • The company put up a 5.5 megawatt solar power plant at the Urse facility is which is operating since last 6 months.

Product/Brand Launches:

Company launched a series of LED based lamps during the year under review.

Following new cables have been designed, developed and type approvals obtained/successfully launched in the market:

  • CCTV Cable – RG59 + 3/4 Cores.
  • New range of FTTH Cable.
  • Total Dry Optic Fibre Cables.
  • Tube Drop Cable for CATV market.
  • New range of “Speaker Wires” for communication cable segment.
  • Elevator Cables.

Market Footprint:

We have 4,000 distributors, 20,000 dealers and depots at 26 locations and effective SAP system connecting them all. 5% of company’s business comes from exports.

Future Targets:

Finolex Cables harbours the ambition of touching a turnover of Rs. 5,000 crores in the next three years. And, the company plans to do so through product diversification and capacity increase.

Future plan of action:

  • To develop Rubber based cables for windmill application
  • To develop cost effective Mini Optical Fibre Cable
  • To develop cross-linkable HFFR cables for high temperature working
  • To develop CAT7 LAN cables with higher bandwidth

Joint Ventures:

  • We have a JV with J Power Systems of Japan for manufacturing Extra High Voltage Power cable up to 500 kv. The state-of-the-art plant has come up at Shirwal, near Pune. J-Power Systems Corp. is a Japanese cable manufacturer specialized in High Voltage Power cables and systems. J-Power Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., the global leaders in the field of EHV Cable technology.
  • Finolex has entered into a Joint Venture with Corning for marketing select telecom products in India the Company is named as Corning Finolex Optical Fibre Private Ltd. This JV had reached a turnover of Rs. 100 crores in 2013-14.

Source: Annual Report & information provided by the company

Havells India Ltd.
Rewriting Rules. Redefining Experiences.

4 Havells 1

Established : 1971

Headquarter : Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Manufacturing Facilities :

11 plants located at Haridwar, Baddi, Noida, Sahibabad, Faridabad, Alwar, Neemrana and 7 world class manufacturing plants located in Europe, Latin America, Africa & China.

Number of Employees : 6,500 professionals over 50 countries

Production Capacity : Difficult to mention as we produce various products and SKUs at plants

2013-14: Rs. 8,186 crores
2012-13: Rs. 7,248 crores

Net Profit:
2013-14: Rs. 446 crores
2012-13: Rs. 387 crores

Growth Rate: 13% in FY 2013-14 (turnover)

Net Worth: Rs. 16,686 crores

Product Portfolio and Applications:

We manufacture Industrial and Domestic Circuit Protection Devices, Cables & Wires, Motors, Fans, Modular Switches, Home Appliances, Electric Water Heaters, Self-priming monoblock Pumps, Power Capacitors, CFL Lamps, Luminaires for Domestic, Commercial and industrial applications.

CSR Activities:

The company is providing mid-day meal in government schools in Alwar district, covering 50,000 students per day. The group company, QRG Healthcare runs a 140 bed hospital in Faridabad and will soon launch another 450 bed hospital in Faridabad by end of the year. In the past, the company has generously contributed to the society during various national calamities like the Bihar Flood, Tsunami and Kargil National Relief Fund etc.

New Developments:

  • Introduced Piano switches “REO” to target to the tier-2 & 3 cities and rural market
  • Started an awareness campaign in various part of India to educate people on energy conservation and energy efficient electrical products
  • Commissioned a domestic water pump manufacturing facility at Neemrana, Rajasthan
  • Introduced Fans under Standard Brand
  • Planning to launch water heater plant at Neemrana by end of 2014

Product/Brand Launches:

Launched new range of Fans, Designer Lights, LED Lights, Piano Switches “REO”, Distribution Boards, Home Appliance Products, etc.

Market Footprint:

We have a strong distribution network of 5,800 and more than 200 Havells Galaxy Outlets. We have presence in over 50 countries.

Future Targets:

We intend to reach to 300 galaxies by end of fiscal 2014-15

Joint Venture:

Not as such

The information compiled is for all business divisions of the company.

RR Kabel
“Wire Nahin, Bharat ki nubz hain hum”

5 RR Kabel

Established : 1995

Headquarter : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Manufacturing Facilities : 2 Units at Silvassa and 1 Unit at Vadodara, Gujarat

Number of Employees : 1,050

Installed Capacity : 18,44,000 ckm/year

2013-14: 9,42,168 ckm/year
2012-13: 8,33,558 ckm/year
2011-12: 7,92,680 ckm/year

CSR Activities:

The company organizes medical camps at Silvassa and Waghodia for the benefit of the community member. It actively engages in the upliftment of the tribal by providing education (Ekal Vidhyalaya), distribution of stationery to the school children.

New Developments:

The Company has added larger size of cable in Copper and Aluminum.

Market Footprint:

Domestic 70% & Export 30% (approx)

Future Targets:

We wanted to achieve Rs. 1,500 crores by 2014-15

Joint Ventures:

Joint venture with RR-Imperial Electricals Limited, a multi product company (Cables, Enameled wire & strips), based in Bangladesh.

Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd.
Electrifying the Future

6 Diamond

Established : 1970

Headquarter : Vadodara, Gujarat

Branch locations : Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Indore, Chennai

Manufacturing Facilities : 3 units in Vadodara, Gujarat

Number of Employees : 2,000 (as on March 31, 2014)

Installed Capacity:
Aluminium and Alloy Rods  : 32,000 MT
Conductors Alloy and ACSR Conductors : 50,500 MT
LV XLPE Power & Control Cables  : 34,300 kms
MV cables up to 66 kv : 5,600 kms
EHV cables 220-550 kv : 2,000 kms

Power Transformers:
40-315 MVA up to 220 kv : 7,500 MVA
5-40 MVA up to 220 kv : 2,500 MVA
Distribution Transformers up to 5 MVA  : 2,500 MVA
Transmission Towers : 48,000 MT


All Aluminium Alloy Conductors & ACSR Conductor
(Excluding Conductors used in
Cables)  : 44,810 MTPA
LT Electric Power Cables & Control Cables : 33,320 kms
HT Cables : 5,518 kms
EHV Cables : 1,527 kms
Transmission Towers : 47,374 MTPA

2013-14: Rs. 2,680.88 crores
2012-13: Rs. 2,132.74 crores

Net Profit:
2013-14: Rs. 110.03 crores
2012-13: Rs. 104.06 crores

Growth Rate: 23.15% (turnover)

Net Worth:
2013-14: Rs. 990.48 crores
2012-13: Rs. 752.79 crores

Product Portfolio and Applications:

Conductors upto 765 kv, transformers (power and distribution) upto 220 kv, cables (low tension, high tension and extra high voltage) upto 550 kv, transmission towers, relay control panel, unitised substations. EPC services like plan, design and commission of power, turnkey transmission and distribution projects. Customisation and execution of special projects like overhead transmission line projects, substation projects, rural & urban distribution projects, cable testing facility up to 500 kv.

CSR Activities:

Diamond Power actively supports the causes of education, health and environment among all the communities it works with.


  • Commissioned a primary school at Vadadala for educating the children of the village. The school imparts quality education to hundreds of aspiring students.
  • The company till date continues to support and contribute towards its infrastructure facilities along with like-minded reputed organisations like Baroda Round Table 49 and Ladies Circle 76.


Some proud initiatives taken to instill good health among the communities are:

  • Ambulance Kendra: Diamond Power has adopted the ‘Ambulance Kendra’, which has reached out to many people in need and has helped saving hundreds of lives.
  • Blood Donation Camp: Diamond Power organizes blood donation camps once in every three months wherein the employees, their friends, family members and many others come to donate blood.
  • Eye care Camp: Diamond Power supported by Baroda Round Table 49 & Baroda Ladies Circle 76 organise frequent free eye checkup camps for cataract followed by free cataract removal by laser at Hi-tech Eye Surgery clinic for aiding the underprivileged societies in the community.


  • Conducts tree plantation initiative across Vadodara by distributing saplings and driving community participation thereby promoting afforestation.
  • Supports Vadodara Traffic Education Trust thereby helping the city and the citizens to overcome traffic problems and spread greater awareness relating to traffic rules to communities and students.
  • Encourages use of ‘Public Transport’ as a measure of reduction in the emission of green house gases, ultimately promoting sustainable development.
  • Proud supporter of Vadodara Marathon

New Developments:

  • In February 2014, commissioned the first phase of capacity expansion in medium voltage cables and conductors and completed the expansion plan in July 2014.
  • Acquired strategic stake in Maktel Control & Systems, India’s leading power and control panel manufacturer.
  • Successfully established Ultra High Voltage Cable Testing Laboratory, a first of its kind in India having a capability to 500 kv capacity.
  • We have also taken concerted efforts in venturing into newer markets. Our foray in Dubai with a marketing office is leading our strategy in this direction.
  • We have also continued to participate in tenders across diverse geographies including, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Mozambique, etc. and expect the same to capitalize into sustainable gains.

Product/Brand Launches:

Rebranded range of wires and cables as “Diatron”

Market Footprint:

100 Distributors across 16 Indian cities

Future Targets:

The company is currently pursuing an expansion plan of Rs. 753 crore for expanding capacities of its medium voltage cables, conductors and ancillary unit and wind mill. The role of ancillary unit will be to manufactured XPLE compounds and steel drum, which will overall support the MVC and conductors. The expansion is expected to complete by 2015-16.

Source: Annual Report

KEI Industries Ltd.
The Power behind the Power


Established : 1968

Headquarter : New Delhi

Manufacturing Facilities : Bhiwadi & Chopanki (Rajasthan) and Silvassa (Dadra and Nagar Haveli)

Installed Capacity:
EHV cables : 500 km
HT cables : 5,100 km
LT cables : 67,000 km
Winding, Flexibles & House Wires : 2,80,000 km
Stainless Steel Wire : 4,800 MT


2013-14: Rs. 1,753.47 crores
2012-13: Rs. 1,812.28 crores

Net Profit:
2013-14: Rs. 11.60 crores
2012-13: Rs. 26.34 crores

Product Portfolio and Applications:

Our wide product basket comprises:

  • Extra High Voltage cables up to & including 220 kv
  • High & Medium Voltage cables
  • Low Tension cables
  • Control and instrumentation cables
  • Specialty cables
  • Rubber cables
  • Winding, Flexibles and house wires
  • Submersible cables,
  • OVC/poly wrapped winding wires
  • Stainless steel wires
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

We have an established presence in the EHV, MV & LV cables, with 400 products addressing myriad demands from more than 800 customers across a cross-section of sectors, including power, oil refineries, railways, automobiles, cement, steel, fertilisers, textile and real estate, amongst others.

CSR Activities:

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative the Company focuses primarily on education and healthcare services which are essential in promoting sustainable human development and economic growth. The Company is making donation to ISKCON Food Relief Foundation towards their mid day meals project

New Developments:

  • 100 new dealers and distributors added during the year; total number increases to 600.
  • New Flexible aluminium cables, aluminium FS cables, fire rated cables, ceramified silicone FS wires, cables suitable for -60o C, solar cables.
  • Diamond dies introduced for manufacturing compacted conductor.
  • Started using semi conducting taper over conductor of HT/EHV cables from 400 and above.
  • New high-speed multi wire drawing machine installed from Niehoff.
  • Driven pay off installed on bunching machines.

Market Footprint:

We have strong foothold in 45 countries and are ideally positioned to leverage the upcoming potential. We have opened new offices in Singapore, Nigeria and Kazakhstan, while strengthening our existing base in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. We also have a strong presence in Australia and Korea through agents.

EPC Contracts:

During the year, we undertook a Rs. 550 crores EPC project, spread over two years. With 30% of the project value attributable to our own cable supply, the project is expected to yield high margins. With a current EPC order book of Rs. 500 crores, executable in a two year span, and current cable order book of Rs. 600 crores, the prospects for growth in this segment are immense.

Future Targets:

The thrust will be on adding capacities for retail house wire business, with special focus on enhancing dealer and distributor led sales, as we move towards capturing all major metros and Tier I & II cities. Building awareness as a brand of repute in house wires would be a key focus area as we power our way to dominating the retail trade through expansion of house wires and flexible wires for retail and distribution during FY 2014-15. We have already added manufacturing capacity at Silvassa to cater to the retail market, thereby doubling the capacity for the manufacture of house wires and flexible wires and paving the way for generating greater turnover from the retail market. The focus on EPC and EHV shall be further intensified in the coming year.

Joint Ventures:

We have a strong collaboration with Brugg Kabel AG, Switzerland, which has an experience of more than 100 years and ability to manufacture cables up to 550 kv.

Source: Annual Report

Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.
Making Life better on Earth.

8 Gupta Power

Established : 1961

Headquarter : Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Branch locations : Registered office in Kolkata and marketing offices in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and few more cities.

Manufacturing Facilities : 3 plants at Khurda (Odisha), Kashipur (Uttarakhand) and Gummidipoondi (Tamil Nadu)

Number of Employees : 500

Installed Capacity: 1,44,000 kms of cables per month

Product Portfolio and Applications:

LV-PVC/XLPE power and control cable, MV-power cable up to and including 132 kv, LV/MV aerial bundled cable, instrumentation/railway signaling cable, thermocouple extension/compensating cable, house wire/flexible cable, fire survival cable/mining cable, airfield lighting cable, building wire as per UL standard and range of conductors include: overhead conductors (AAC/AAAC/ACSR/ACAR) as per IEC/ASTM/EN/UL standards, HTLS (STACIR/ACSS/TACSR/HVCRC).

CSR Activities:

We believe in investing in our workforce, clients and associates and the environment at large. To assume responsibility for our activities and their consequences is part of an inherent value system that has served us well towards the creation of a holistic organisation.

  • Employees: Programmes designed to improve working environments, instill corporate values, training for legal compliance, anti-accident policies, promote environment consciousness, risk management and developing appropriate behaviour towards protection of company privacy.
  • Local Residents: We have been actively involved in giving back to the society what it deserves. Education is one of the areas where we have reached out to the underprivileged sections of the society – conducting distribution drives at the Rawa academy, the Mumtaz Ali School and institutes for the specially abled autistic students. Articles distributed range from books to school bags, sweaters to computers, projectors and tiffin boxes. Spreading across Odisha we have identified causes that need attention – free health check-ups, environmental issues, promoting village handicrafts, harnessing entrepreneurship talent and so on.
  • Environment: The ‘Rhino Protects Your Home/Who Will Protect the Rhino?’ initiative associates the brand Rhino wires & cables with crying need of protecting and preserving the endangered one horned Rhino across the country. Through organizing specific activities and events that contribute towards awareness of the issue and active conservation of the species.

New Developments:

Some of the new developments are smart conductors like HVCRC, fire survival cables for power cable segment, domestic cables with RoHS compliance etc.

Product/Brand Launches:

The brand Rhino wires and cables came into existence from 2014 instead of the previous brands like G-Power, G-trans etc.

Future Targets:

Production of EHV cables with aluminium sheathing lines.

Joint Ventures:

With ever widening global reach, we keep busy in collaborations and international tie-ups such as the joint venture with Mercury Cables, USA towards manufacturing specialised HVCRC conductors, an innovation slated to change the face of power transmission for the better.

Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd.

9 Shilip

Established : 2006

Headquarter : New Delhi

Manufacturing Facilities :
Unit 1 and 2: Bhiwadi, Distt. Alwar, Rajasthan
Unit 3: Mathigiri, Hosur, Karnataka
Unit 4: Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Unit 5: Bahadurgarh, Haryana

Number of Employees  : 1,103

Installed Capacity:
RF Cables : 36,490 km
Other Cables & Wires : 6,36,000 km
Harness Crimp : 240 million
Copper / Aluminum Conductors  : 14,400 MT

2013-14: Rs. 986.03 crores
2012-13: Rs. 654.89 crores

Net Profit:
2013-14: Rs. 28.03 crores
2012-13: Rs. 26.19 crores

Growth Rate: 50% growth in revenue on a y-o-y basis

Product Portfolio and Applications:

The product range includes Cables, Wires, Wiring Harnesses and Cable Accessories. We have significant presence in Telecom, Automobiles and Consumer Durables segment.

CSR Activities:

SCTL is devoted to developing more safer and automated operation. It achieves this by:

  • Maintaining safety, health legislation and regulation for safety.
  • To make the employees aware about avoiding the hazards, training and supervision is provided.
  • Providing safety equipment to all employees.
  • Aggressively maintain a company safety program and all personnel are responsible for acting in accordance with policy.

Safeguarding the environment is a basic principle of SCTL.

New Developments:

  • Aurangabad Plant: During the year the Company has entered into an arrangement with Microqual Techno Limited for exclusive use of their production facility at Aurangabad for manufacturing of RF Cables on job work basis. This measure almost doubles the capacity of the Company for production of RF cables for telecom applications. The arrangement gives tremendous advantage in terms of market share, geographical expansion, logistics and pricing strength.
  • Bahadurgarh Plant: The Company has a long-term arrangement with M/s AGH Wires Pvt Ltd for use of one of its unit at Bahadurgarh (Haryana) for manufacturing of enameled wires on job work basis. The capacities are flexible depending on the type of wires produced. In value terms the plant is capable of generating revenues exceeding Rs. 400 crores per annum.
  • Hosur Plant: During the year the company put up manufacturing facilities in Hosur (Karnataka) to cater to demands of a major OE customer in Automobiles segment. Apart from augmenting the capacities the plant, which manufactures wiring harnesses for four wheelers, strengthens company’s business with the OE customer.

Product/Brand Launches:

Launching brand “SAFE”, a major initiative in B2C market for house wire and switches through dealer network. Eventually this is expected to be one of the major revenue streams of the company.

Market Footprint:

During the financial year the company has made export of goods to UAE, Taiwan, Philippines Turkey and Africa.

Future Targets:

Shilpi group is engaged with E&Y to draw its growth plan to become USD 1 Billion group by 2020. As part of this strategy the Group has embarked on large project of copper products in Abu Dhabi, UAE with a total cost outlay of USD 155 million. Based on the plan, the Company also intends to launch its own brand for House wire and Modular Switches in the Year 2014-15.

Source: Annual Report & information provided by the company

11 RPG

Established : 1959

Headquarter : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Branch locations : Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Baroda

Manufacturing Facilities : Three cable manufacturing units at Vadodara (Gujarat), Silvassa (Union Territory) and Mysore (Karnataka)

Number of Employees : Over 1,000 employees (including indirect labour)

Installed Capacity:
Power Cables : 36,000 km/year
Optical Fiber Cables : 6,00,000 fkm
Copper Telecom Cables : 2,00,000 ckm

Production: Actual production has been consistently increasing over last 3 years

2013-14: Rs. 648 crores
2012-13: Rs. 562 crores

Net Profit: Since we are an SBU of KEC, profit numbers are not available

Growth Rate: 15% (Turnover)

Net Worth: Rs. 2,686 crores (KEC market capitalization)

Product Portfolio and Applications:

Power Cables – Low Voltage, High Voltage and Extra High Voltage; Control & Instrumentation Cables; Fire Survival Cables, Aerial Bunched Cables, Flexibles, Optical Fibre Cables, Jelly Filled Telecom Cables and Turnkey Solutions for cable laying and commissioning.

CSR Activities:

We undertake CSR activities based on needs of the society. Our three pillars of Education, Employability and Environment drive our activities. We participate in literacy programs focusing on spoken English. We have tied-up with ITIs to develop skills base in the region. We annually conduct World Environment Day, AIDS Awareness Day, World No Tobacco Day and conduct tree planting across manufacturing units. For the last 4 years we have been promoting a Pulse Polio Vaccination program covering over 1500 children.

New Developments:

We began commercial production from our Green-Field Vadodara factory, which is built as a world class manufacturing unit replete with the best-in-class technology, processes and people. In addition to these the unit also received ‘Platinum’ rated Green Certification from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) making it the first manufacturing unit in the electrical sector in India.

Product/Brand Launches:

The business has developed its capabilities in the 220 kv cables segment and also has started commercial production. It has substantially enhanced the capacity of instrumentation cables at Mysore.

Market Footprint:

We have a dealer network spread across the country and consistently expanding the network through new partners. Over 20% of our business is through exports.

EPC Contracts:

We have a dedicated team for handling turnkey solutions for laying, installing and commissioning of EHV cables. Almost all of our EHV cable contracts include turnkey work.

Future Targets:

We aspire to be among the top 3 cable manufacturers in India in terms of revenues and profitability.

Joint Ventures:

There are no plans for joint ventures in the foreseeable future.

Universal Cables Ltd.
The name that leads the rest

10 Universal

Established : 1962

Headquarter : Satna, Madhya Pradesh

Branch locations : Bangalore, Baroda, Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi

Manufacturing Facilities : Cables and Capacitors at Satna, Madhya Pradesh Optic Fibre at Verna, Salcette, Goa

Number of Employees : 1,092 permanent employees (as on 31st March, 2014)

2013-14: Rs. 675.83 crores (gross)
2012-13: Rs. 684.71 crores (gross)

Net Profit:
2013-14: Rs. (44.11) crores
2012-13: Rs. (6.95) crores

Product Portfolio and Applications:

XLPE power cables, PVC power cables, elastomeric cables, control & instrumentation cables, specialty cables, LV & HV capacitors, and optical fibre cables. Company undertakes the complete solution package for underground power transmission involving system design, supply of cables, cable jointing and termination, laying, installation and commissioning.

CSR Activities:

  • Substantial reduction in air conditioning load of offices by optimization of space utilization.
  • Replacement of high energy consuming 150 watt son lamps by energy efficient 85 watt CFL lamps.
  • Use of nitrogen gas instead of steam for annealing of copper wires on wire drawing machines.
  • Re-engineering of utility lines to minimize wastage of compressed air and nitrogen.
  • The Company is dedicated to the welfare of its employees, their families, surrounding locality and whole city by providing social, cultural and educational upliftment.
  • The Company is maintaining a residential colony for its employees at Satna with welfare centre, reading room, staff club, indoor/outdoor games facilities, temple, children’s park, dispensary etc.

New Developments:

  • The Company has re-structured its business strategy by broadening its market base. To de-risk itself from aberrations of a polarized Extra High Voltage (EHV) market segment, the Company has expanded its capacity in the Medium Voltage (MV) and Light Duty cables segments. The overall increase in the manufacturing capacity has transformed the Company into a competitive manufacturing base.
  • While the Company has made commendable strides in the 220 kv class, it has now ventured into the 400 kv category. Recently the 400 kv cable system has been successfully type tested at CESI, Germany.
  • Development of single and multicore elastomeric cables having low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) and restricted hazardous substance (RoHS) properties for Wind Turbine Cables for export.
  • The Company has developed automatic switched capacitors for 11 kv voltage range and has started executing some trial orders. The Company has also developed special surge protection capacitors for 33 kv class.

Product/Brand Launches:

Enhanced product range in line with rapidly changing markets needs.

Market Footprint:

The Company is striving for a footprint in the overseas market and has been successful in securing & executing contracts from Mauritius & Oman. It has also secured a developmental order from Abu Dhabi for special application cable.

Future Targets:

  • Development of flexible solar cables for use in circuits of photovoltaic system.
  • Development of zero halogen (OH) fire resistant medium voltage XPLE power cables for use in metro rail networks.
  • Stepping up the innovation agenda to ensure more scalable innovation in cost competitive products.

Joint Ventures:

Birla Furukawa Fibre Optics Limited (BFL), a joint venture between the Company & Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Japan, has recorded considerable growth in its operations notwithstanding the fact that it is just a five years old Company. The operations of BFL are rapidly gaining momentum to capitalize on the emerging business opportunities in the optical fibre market with the underlying objective of providing world class products to the customers through its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and facility.

Source: Annual Report

Apar Industries Ltd. (Unit: Uniflex Cables)
“Tomorrow’s Progress Today”

12 Apar

Established : 1958

Headquarter : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Branch locations : Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Baroda

Manufacturing Facilities : Umbergaon, Valsad, Gujarat Khatalwad, Valsad, Gujarat

Number of Employees : 490

Installed Capacity:
Power/Control Cables             : 49,050 km
Elastomeric/Rubber Cables   : 14,300 km
OFC/Ribbon Cables                  : 85,000 km

Production: 3,66,607 km (in last 3 years)

2013-14: Rs. 596.91 crores
2012-13: Rs. 403.63 crores

Growth Rate: 43.7% (turnover)

Product Portfolio and Applications:

  • LT/HT XLPE / flexible cables upto 33 kv
  • Elastomeric insulated cables upto 33 kv
  • Fiber optic cables upto 432 F
  • Electronic beam irradiated cables

CSR Activities:

  • Sister Nivedita Foundation, Rajkot for their “Sister Nivedita School on Wheel” programme.
  • Gujarat Methodist Church Cardic Care and Research Society, Nadiad, for the purchase of heart lung machine.
  • Indian Development Foundation, Mumbai for the construction of IDF Center for Excellence at Bangalore.
  • Globe Foundation, Mumbai for the support of causes of disability, education, health and support to underprivileged children, education for peace and other community work undertaken.

New Developments:

  • Company developed new anti theft cable, HT covered conductor, under water cable, E-beam irradiated cables, solar & windmill cables.
  • The Company has carried out research and development majorly in development of specialty elastomeric, XLPE, foam compounds for electron beam irradiation, recycling of PTFE scrap, thin wall automotive wires, PVC building wires, pressure tight cables, hybrid rubber cables with integrated fiber optics, tactical fiber optics, electron beam irradiated solar and windmill cables, heavy and low tow cables for Indian Navy etc.
  • The Athola conductors plant, focused on high quality products for the export markets, is already operating at full capacity of 3,000 MT per month and the Khatalwad cable plant has been fully commissioned.
  • The expansion of the Opitcal fibre capacity was completed in Umbergaon and Khatalwad. Approvals from major clients such as railways, defense, Bharath Broad Band Limited (BBNL), BSNL etc. were obtained.

Market Footprint:

We normally deal directly with end customers across oil & gas, steel distribution, renewable energy, railways, defence, nuclear etc. The company has about 40% exports.

Future Targets:

  • Development of dull finish conductor for the new markets.
  • Set-up of additional special test facility which are limited globally and constraint for our testing.
  • To continue to carry on the R&D activity and try to absorb it to reduce cost especially the E-beam cables.
  • Development of 33 KV elastomeric cables.

Anchor by Panasonic
Anchor Wire, No Fire

13 Anchor

Established : Company established in 1963, started manufacturing wires since 1998.

Headquarter  : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Branch Locations : There are 55 sales offices throughout India. There are state sales headquarters and smaller sales offices in each state.

Manufacturing Facilities : 10 manufacturing units in 6 locations, (Daman, Kutch, Haridwar, Dhamdachi-Valsad, Kundi-Valsad, Roorkee). Daman and Kutch are for wires & cables, and Kundi-Valsad for PVC Electrical Insulation Tapes.

Number of Employees: Total 10,000 out of which 360 with wires & cables factory

Product Portfolio and Applications:

Anchor manufactures over (3,000) products under (20) major product groups including switches and wiring devices, wires and cables, circuit breakers & protection devices, fans, lamps & luminaries and caters to core sectors of the Indian infrastructure economy viz residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure.

Wires and Cables BU manufactures following products:

  • Light Duty Cables
  • Building Wires – Advance FR, FireGUARD FR-LSH, Advance EFFR (World’s 1st Germfree Cable)
  • Communication Cable – Telephone Cable
  • Flexible Cables – Multi core cable, Submersible Cables
  • Insulation Tapes – PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

2013-14: Rs. 500 crores (approximately)

Growth Rate: Average growth of 25% in (turnover) since last 3 years.

CSR Activities:

We are concentrating on the welfare of our nearly 7,000 factory workers who come from nearby villages within 50 kms of our factories in Daman, Haridwar, Roorkee and Bhuj. Many of these workers are women, who come from tough living conditions in the remote villages. Our CSR spheres focus on community development of our worker villages. Some of the areas that we intend to work extensively will include Sanitation, Healthcare, Education, Provision of Clean Water and Power Availability in the said villages.

New developments:

In progress of unveiling new range of Wire with exceptional properties.

Product/Brand Launches:

World’s 1st Germ Free Cable was introduced in Advance EFFR project (BW) & Advance EFFR trade (BW) with Germfree features.

Market Footprint:

Our biggest strength is the very extensive network of over 5,000 direct dealers and over 4.5 lac retail outlets, which sell our products with a lot of passion. We are consolidating and expanding this strength to address the requirement of the emerging markets; including the tier 4 and 5 towns.

Future Targets:

Placing continual improvement at heart, ensure delivering quality wires & cables and insulation tapes.

V-Guard Industries Ltd.
Let us endeavor to make V-GUARD a trusted household name

14 V Guard

Established : Corporate – 1977, Wires & Cables Division – 1999

Headquarter : Cochin, Kerala

Branch locations  : 47

Manufacturing Facilities : 3 facilities at 2 locations (Wire & Cable division)


2013-14: Rs. 1,537.92 crores
2012-13: Rs. 1,383.71 crores

Net Profit:
2013-14: Rs. 70.13 crores
2012-13: Rs. 62.92 crores

Growth Rate: 12% (in net revenue)

Net Worth:
2013-14: Rs. 318.43 crores
2012-13: Rs. 261.33 crores

Product Portfolio and Applications:


Single Core 0.5 sq mm to 120 sq mm FR& FRLSH variants: These cables are used in residential dwelling locations for power & lighting. They are also used in control wiring for electrical panels. Higher sizes are used for special applications like battery cables and for high current requirements.


2 Core x 0.5 sq mm to 4 Core x 16 sq mm round cables: These cables are mainly used in connecting the electrical/ electronic appliances to power socket.

3 Core x 1 sq mm to 3 Core x 10 sq mm flat submersible cables: These cables are used for along with   submersible pumps.

LT Power Cables:

Single Core Cables upto 1000 Sqmm in PVC & XLPE Variants

2 Core x 4 Sqmm to 4 Core x 500 Sqmm in PVC & XLPE Variants: They are primarily used in industries and power projects for secondary distribution of power from LT substations to machinery, but sometimes find applications as power cable for apartments and high-rise buildings and in estate for power & lighting.

LT Control Cables:

2 Core x 1.5 Sqmm to 91x 2.5 Sqmm in PVC & XLPE Variants: They are used in control wiring for switching devices or appliances or utilities.

CSR Activities:

Education sponsorship for children, students health checkup programme, remedial education centres for children. Camps for spreading awareness to children, support to schools on improving sanitation and providing safe drinking water.

New Developments:

  • Our HWC were certified for RoHS.
  • Company has doubled the capacity for wires at the Kashipur plant in Uttarakhand from 3.3 million coils per annum to 6.6 million coils per annum in two phases at a total cost of Rs. 16.30 crores.
  • High frequency spark tester from Beta LaserMike, USA and Sikora, Germany, were installed in insulating lines and coilers.
  • Diameter controller unit from Sikora Germany was installed at Insulating Line.
  • Machine accessories from Liembach Germany were integrated in high-speed Insulating lines.

Product/Brand Launches:

Telephone Cables, Coaxial CATV Cables, CAT 6 LAN Cables, CCTV Cables

Future Targets:

To introduce direct PVC loading on extruder machine from storage area.

Joint Ventures:


Source: Information provided by the company and annual report.

AKSH Optifibre Ltd.

15 Aksh

Established : March, 1986

Headquarter : New Delhi

Manufacturing Facilities : Bhiwadi, Rajasthan (OF, OFC) and Reengus, Rajasthan & Dubai (FRP rods)

Number of Employees : Over 600

Installed Capacity:
Optical Fibre : 20,00,000 km/yr
Optical Fibre Cables : 2,00,000 km/yr
FRP Rods : 60,00,000 km/yr


2013-14: Rs. 227.48 crores
2012-13: Rs. 240.20 crores

Net Profit:
2013-14: Rs. 26.01 crores
2012-13: Rs. 25.93 crores

Product Portfolio and Applications:

  • Metal Free Optical Fibre Cables – Inside Duct Installation
  • Armoured Optical Fibre Cables – Inside Duct and Direct Burial application
  • Non Metallic Armoured Optical Fibre Cable – Multipurpose Application (Duct, Direct Burial and ADSS Aerial)
  • Aerial Optical Fibre Cables – Aerial Pole to pole installation
  • ADSS Optical Fibre Cables – All Dielectric Self Supporting Pole to Pole Aerial Installation with hardware fittings
  • Air Blown and Micro Cables – Inside Micro duct
  • High Count Ribbon Optical Fibre Cables – Access Network (Metal Free, Armoured & ADSS)
  • Premises Distribution Cable – Indoor and Interconnection purpose (Simplex, Duplex & upto 24F)
  • FTTH Cables – Fibre to the Home Application (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Hybrid Cables – Special Project Application (Copper Conductor & Mixed Fibre Type)

CSR Activities:

  • During the year the Company continued to make significant progress on strengthening people practices and processes to attract talent. Several measure including flexible work hours were put in place. Your Company is providing safe and healthy working environment for female employees and as safeguard, has implemented policy against sexual harassment.
  • The company has also undertaken to plant 10,000 trees in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan under the aegis of RIICO and the Industrial association of Bhiwadi.

New Developments:

  • FRP production facility at JAFZA Dubai, through its wholly owned subsidiary ‘AOL FZE’.
  • The Company got the BBNL order aggregating to Rs. 210 crores, to be supplied over a period of 16 months.

Market Footprint:

The Company remains the world leader in FRP manufacturing and is a proud exporter to almost 56 countries and is aggressively marketing itself in order to cover more international markets to create its footprint across the globe.

EPC Contracts:

On the turnkey projects front, the company has successfully commissioned a network of Optical Fibre Cables connecting every village of Bhutan. It has also provided complete turnkey solution to FTTH project in Mauritius.

Future targets:

  • To upgrade fibre draw machines and develop higher fibre count ribbon type ADSS cables, suited for 4G applications.
  • Development of new application for FRP Rods Regular production with UV curing machines.

Lapp India Pvt. Ltd.

16 Lapp

Established : 1996

Headquarter : Bangalore, Karnataka

Branch locations : 4 regional marketing units in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and 23 sales offices and a network of 100+ dealers throughout the country.

Manufacturing Facilities :
Unit 1: Bangalore, Karnataka
Unit 2: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Number of Employees : Lapp currently employs approximately 3,200 people across the world.


Bangalore manufacturing unit produces about 1,00,000 km of ÖLFLEX® connecting and control cables and insulated single cores each year. In its second Indian manufacturing facility in Pilukhedi, Bhopal which is helping us strengthen our base in the single core wires segment as well as cater efficiently to growing customer demands in India.

Product Portfolio and Applications:

Lapp has a vast range of around 40,000 products which includes glands and connectors so it is not just about cables but everything around them too.

Lapp India caters to manufacturing cables to address a variety of connectivity requirements for a number of verticals including – Machine Tools, Automation, Automotive, Public Sector, Buildings, Renewable Energy, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Metals & mining, Textiles, Paper, Packaging, Plastics & Machinery, F&B, Cement & process, Utility & Power generation, HVAC, Material handling and Process.

A few of our flagship products are:

  • ÖLFLEX® – universal cable used in control applications
  • UNITRONIC® – data transmission devices
  • HITRONIC® – fibre optic cables are designed to transfer large volumes of data
  • SKINTOP® – cable glands guarantee secure connections every time
  • EPIC® connectors – used in multiple terminations
  • SILVYN® conduit and SKINTOP® gland – this universal range completely protects cables against dust, moisture and technical, thermal or chemical exposure
  • FLEXIMARK® – these sophisticated systems facilitate durable cable marking and ensure everything is clear and quick to identify.

New Developments:

To boost our high quality customer service we launched the Lapp Experience Centre which has on display our extensive range of products that Lapp India offers to cater to more than 20 different industry verticals. This provides customers an opportunity to touch and feel the entire product portfolio thus helping us to enhance our customer buying experience.

To achieve the competitive edge in terms of supply chain management efficiency, Lapp India has set up a new warehouse recently in the western state of Maharashtra in India. Located strategically in Bhiwandi, Thane, the Warehouse which is a part of a shared facility will cater to Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Gujarat, among other regions in the country. The newly set-up warehouse is strategically located in a region that offers exemption from the local taxes otherwise applicable for the entry of any goods delivered into the area. This tax advantage helps Lapp India cater in a cost effective manner to existing and potential customers across neighbouring cities such as Pune, Nashik, Baroda and Ahmedabad. Additionally, with proximity to the Mumbai Port, the new warehouse helps Lapp India significantly in reducing the duration of any import delivery as compared to the Chennai Port which was the primary import location earlier. While this is a key benefit for the logistics team of Lapp India, the larger gain here would be for the customers as they will in turn derive the benefit of faster product delivery for orders placed. Further, with the implementation of SAP, the new warehouse will also enable customers to have access to the stock status on a real-time basis which will help them take relevant purchase-related business decisions.

At Lapp India we have currently initiated the Performance 2016 program which is based on the following pillars:

  • Sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Reduce costs (LEAN manufacturing)
  • Supply Chain Management efficiency
  • People Development
  • Innovation

Product/Brand Launches:

Lapp Group, recently added the latest innovation to its ÖLFLEX® brand: the ÖLFLEX® HEAT 125 SC the multitalented single core which not only has a broad temperature range, but also meets the most stringent fire protection requirements. The ÖLFLEX® HEAT 125 SC has a temperature range from -55°C to +125°C for fixed installation, and it can even withstand temperatures of up to +145°C for brief periods.

Further, in addition to the well-established single core power chain cable ÖLFLEX® FD 90 Lapp presents the Basic-Line equivalent ÖLFLEX® CHAIN 809 SC – for light and ordinary duty in power chain applications. The new single core is also suitable for torsion loads, which typically occur in wind turbine generators. The ÖLFLEX® CHAIN 809 SC is a single core power chain cable with both insulation and outer jacket in PVC; it is UV resistant, flame retardant and oil resistant.

Additionally, we have introduced the EPIC® SOLAR PL008 and EPIC® SOLAR AL008 to our wide range of solutions for solar industry. The latest innovation EPIC® SOLAR PL008 and EPIC® SOLAR AL008 has benefits of cost efficient plastic junction box. These cables are extremely resistant and durable. The aluminium housing is an excellent cooling element for the diodes and significantly increases their lifetime.

Market Footprint:

Lapp India operates through 4 regional marketing units in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, 23 sales offices and a strong network of 100+ dealers throughout the country. Also, most of our dealers specialize in Lapp India products alone. Additionally, we have “e-KHOJ” bringing the “Dealer Connect” portal for our customers and employees where we provide the real time information.

Future Target:

Our aim is to further strengthen our position in the control cables segment and penetrate deeper into the market establishing a stronger brand image in the industry. We are strengthening our base in the single core wires segment as well to cater efficiently to growing customer demands in India. Our current focus is to establish the single core business for the building segment and control cabinet application.

Expanding our operations in India has been a key focus for us, mainly due to promising growth opportunities presented by the country. We have reoriented our business by focusing on diverse sectors like Cement, Building, F&B, Pharma, which have facilitated in sustaining the growth. Internationally, our long-term goal is to double our size by 2020. And our global vision is to dominate the control cable business and lead the Indian market as the number one player in the control cables segment. Lapp India is investing extensively on enhancing customer service to achieve our long-term business goals.

LEONI Cable Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.

17 Leoni

Established : 2006

Headquarter : Pune, Maharashtra

Branch locations : Pune

Manufacturing Facilities : Pune, Maharashtra

Number of Employees : 61,591 (Leoni AG 2013)

Installed Capacity : Indian Unit – 50,000 ckm (mixed type of cables) per month


2012-13: 3,917.9 million euros (Leoni AG)

Net Profit:
2012-13: 105.9 million euros (Leoni AG)

Product Portfolio and Applications: Cables for Automotive, Control and Instrumentation, Solar, and Railway.

New Developments:

Started in India manufacturing of Control & Instrumentation Cables and Automotive Cables.

Market Footprint:

Currently Direct Salesand serving both domestic and international markets.

EPC Contracts:

We are supplying products to EPC.

Future Targets:

With the opening of new plant near Pune, the Wire & Cable Solutions Division is forging ahead with its internationalsation in India and its neighboring countries. The facility is initially supplying standard cables for the rapidly growing Indian automotive industry. In future, we aspire to manufacture special cables for the motor vehicle industry as well as cables for the petrochemical industry.

Joint Ventures: No, we are 100% subsidiary of LEONI

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