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Ajex & Turner: An Initiative Approach to Design TW, Sector Conductor Dies to Draw Aluminium Strands Meeting ASTM Standards

ajex turner
ajex turner

India based Ajex & Turner Wire Technologies has been a global leader in wire and cable industries since 1962. The company’s TW dies are designed to ensure accurate quality parameters to obtain aluminum strands that are shaped to provide a smooth outer surface that can meet applicable ASTM standards. The dies are made from high-quality raw materials that enable them to be both efficient as well as long lasting. The drawing shows an example of TW shaped compacting.

High quality raw materials like VNT nano, PCD, carbide are used for making our TW dies efficient and long lasting. To resolve the issue of smaller diameter conductors, Ajex & Turner’s trapezoidal-shape dies can be enlarged to provide a greater cross-sectional area of aluminum and match the diameter of the conventional round conductor.

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Regarding the production of dies and extrusion toolings, we use artificial intelligence to calculate the hot and cold majoring values. Thereby we take into account the shrinkage of toolings and are able to predict at the beginning only, how the final product will look like. This is important for our customers to produce high quality products right from the beginning.

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Fully Automatic Ultrasonic PCD, ND Die Polishing Machine Model SAU-150

Ajex & Turner has developed a new automatic machine for the repairing of diamond and PCD dies in a size range from 0.10 to 4.00 mm. While maintaining accurate and consistent die geometry, automatic needle grinding makes it possible to reduce each machining cycle to only a few seconds duration. This feature makes the machine particularly useful for the repair of multi-line sets or in operation where a large number of dies must be maintained with accurately controlled reduction angles. At the completion of the programme, the drill head uplifts itself and the next die can be worked immediately with the same or a modified programme. Needle changing is simple and upto 20 dies can be worked with a single needle. The machine has a self-contained bench unit, housing ultrasonic generator, drill head, die spindle and grinding assemblies, together with electronic and pneumatic systems. Attention has been given to simplify all operations, adjustments and maintenance. It will work on 220V single phase.

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