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Supermac Industries Establishes New Facility at Dharuhera; Eyeing American Markets for Future

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Supermac Industries (India) Limited, set up in 1974, caters to numerous industries in the cables sector such as power, optical fibre, house wiring control cables, and medical lines. The company boasts of a diversified product portfolio of extrusion machines with new products added to their basket that includes a triple layer ( skin/foam/skin) extrusion line for data cables, a 200mm extruder for 220KV, a CCV line for high voltage cables up to 132KV, high-speed building wire line for ZHFR material upto 1000 mpm, and EPR material extrusion with existing CV lines. Recently, the company has added a new facility at Dharuhera, Haryana, increasing its total land area to 1,50,000 square feet. Exporting to 29 countries worldwide, Supermac has a footprint in countries including Australia, Mexico, Canada, the USA, and Italy. They are exploring opportunities to expand their manufacturing facilities in the USA to cater to North and South American countries.

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Latest Developments
Since its inception, innovation has been the driving force behind Supermac’s success. The company has time and again set the industry benchmark for devising innovative techniques to meet the burgeoning demands of a new-age economy. Backed by a strong product line of a complete range of extrusion machines, crossheads, caterpillars, capstans, screws and barrels, take-ups and pay-offs, and an experienced dedicated sales force, the company has metamorphosed into a global force to be reckoned with.

Recently, Supermac has uplifted the cable manufacturing industry by unveiling its new developments. These include:

  • A triple layer (skin/foam/skin) extrusion line tailored for data cables
  • A 200mm extruder for 220KV
  • A CCV line for high voltage cables, capable of handling voltages up to 132KV, and actively working towards the development of a 220KV CCV line
  • A high-speed building wireline designed for ZHFR material, operating at speeds of up to 1000 meters per minute.
  • Supermac has expanded its capabilities by incorporating EPR material extrusion into its existing CV lines, further solidifying its position as a leader in cable manufacturing technology.
  • Supermac has also developed a 6000mm payoff and take-up system with a remarkable 60-ton capacity, specifically for sheathing EHV cables.

Infrastructure Expansion – New Manufacturing Facility at Dharuhera
As a world-leader in extrusion machines manufacturing, Supermac is committed to being at the forefront of technology and innovation, offering superior-class capabilities in tandem with minimized costing. Supermac has recently added a new facility in Dharuhera, Haryana, expanding its total land area to 1,50,000 square feet. This has allowed Supermac to introduce new multiple-axis machines to speed up critical job machining. The huge space has allowed the company to introduce complete line testing. Furthermore, a dedicated portion of the new facility has been allocated to the R&D department, where they test new materials. They are installing solar panels in the facility to meet the inhouse power requirement, which will significantly contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

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Global Market Footprint
Supermac continues to expand its global presence and powers up its international network to broaden its horizon.
Supermac is proudly exporting its product to almost 29 countries worldwide, underlining its focus on covering all developing and developed nations, where infrastructure growth is taking place. Recently, Supermac has expanded to Australia, Mexico, Canada, the USA, and Italy. They are constantly increasing their footprint around the world, and wherever they have supplied machines, customers have always appreciated the quality and technology of the machines.

Today, Supermac is well-equipped to meet the challenge of ever-changing requirements of the extrusion machines industry, both in India and abroad, and provide them with the best designing systems and process technologies solutions and at the most competitive rates.

Future Plans
Supermac is soon introducing an extrusion machine for high-speed buffering lines for optical fibre cable with European technology. Supermac is actively seeking foreign collaborations to upgrade its technology in the extrusion field. Their long-term vision is to gradually develop a complete range of machines for optical fibre cables and extra high-voltage cables. Additionally, they are exploring opportunities to establish new manufacturing facilities in the US to serve the North and South American countries. Furthermore, they are working on the latest technology (Industry 5.0), which enables machines to communicate with each other. The new technology adoption is also contributing to a cleaner world by promoting the use of highly energy-efficient components across the industry.

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