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Havells India Combines Sustainability with Customer Safety

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Mr. Arvind Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Havells India Limited

Leading manufacturers of cables and wires in India, Havells India Limited has come up with halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) insulated wires, a unique product, which successfully caters to environmental concerns, while taking good care of customer safety. This was revealed by Mr. Arvind Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Havells India Limited, during his interaction with Wire & Cable India.

Wire & Cable India: Please share some details about the history of Havells India, how it came into being, its growth over the years, its entering into the cable manufacturing industry, and the milestones achieved.

Arvind Agrawal: Cables are an important aspect of any industry and Havells, being one of the largest manufacturers of cables and wires in India, produces a wide range of flexible cables, low & high voltage cables, EHV cables etc. Havells entered into the manufacturing of low-tension power cables in 1996. Our plant is located in the midst of the tranquil hills of Aravalli spread over 100 acres, equipped with the NABL lab along with automated machines using the best raw material from primary manufacturers ensuring best quality.

The growth has been consistent over the years with the advancement of the real estate sector and industrial sector. With the consumer becoming more aware on safety norms, Havells has added ranges like HFFR wires and features like S3 properties to its basket of products, to cater to different needs of the consumers. To capture future opportunities, Havells India has invested heavily in capacity building and new product addition in the wire & cable segment. Havells India has added latest fully automated machines in capacity building to maintain product quality, brand trust and process efficiency.

WCI: What are your specialized products catering to the wire and cable industry? What is the USP of Havells India, which gives you an edge over your competitors?

AA: Havells offers best in class products that addresses the changing needs of the market & industry. Havells wires portfolio includes HRFR (heat resistant flame-retardant cables), FRLS-H (flame retardant low smoke and halogen), HFFR (halogen free flame retardant), multicore round cables, submersible cables, telecom switch board, coaxial cables, LAN cables, CCTV cables, speaker cables and solar cables. In the solar cable category, we foresee good business from this segment in the near future. We are among the first few companies to get an ISI license for our HFFR range of wires, which are considered to be the safest and the most environment-friendly wires in its segment. Havells is the only company, which offers the heat resistance flame retardant (HRFR) range of wire as a regular product in the market, giving additional safety to our consumers.

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WCI: Kindly share details on the recent advancements or innovations in your product lines and services.

AA: India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This growth brings in significant changes in the country’s infrastructure with more advanced vertical building concepts and newer technologies. All these evolving infrastructure and technological growth is powered by electricity and as a result the quality of wire and cables becomes very important. There has been a paradigm shift from wiring that contains normal PVC insulation towards alternative FRLS-H, halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) compounds, driven largely by environmental issues and safety concerns.

We at Havells give consumer’s safety the utmost priority. Keeping this in mind, we are promoting the usage of halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) insulated wires since they do not emit hazardous gasses and clear smoke. The low intensity visible white smoke HFFR is more effective during fire outbreaks since it reduces the amount and density of the smoke, which makes exiting a space easier for occupants as well as increases the safety of firefighting operations during any fire accident.

havells india

WCI: It is said that strengthening the R&D capabilities proves to be the key factor in maintaining its competitive edge above others. Please elaborate.

AA: At Havells, we are recognised for our high-quality products and manufacturing strength powered by deep innovation capabilities and sustainable practices. Regular and astute investments in manufacturing and R&D have enabled us to build a scalable portfolio. Our constant endeavor is to sharpen our manufacturing edge on all fronts – quality, operational efficiency, optimal use of assets, high level of automation, and backward integration. Our dedicated Centre for Research & Innovation (CRI) with NABL accredited labs enables us to be a unique and world-class R&D organization.

This center houses more than 600 highly skilled and competent individuals constantly engaged in strengthening innovation and product development. Our Bengaluru Innovation Centre housing Centers of Excellence (COEs) on the Internet of Things (IoT), software, engineering design, and power electronics is leading the way for our transformation to an electronic goods company and, more importantly, providing the technology leadership for many of the enabling technologies for our product segments. It leverages the Bangalore tech ecosystem and comprises 120+ software engineers having expertise in IoT, AI/ML and deep tech capabilities.

The R&D center at Noida forms the basis for Havells brand promise of quality and customer value proposition. Further, progressing our journey of digitizing product development, use of digital twin and simulation methodologies are now used by more product categories augmenting the existing practices.

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WCI: Please give details about your market footprint and major clientele for the cables department.

AA: Havells boasts of a robust presence in both the domestic and industrial cable markets, showcasing a diversified product portfolio. The company has strategically positioned its products, securing a substantial market share across key product categories and enjoys a formidable brand recall. In the cable sector, Havells has successfully claimed a leadership position in both retail and project segments, not only in terms of revenue but also in market presence. This dominant stance is a direct result of increased infrastructure investments by the federal government and robust demand emanating from the thriving real estate sector throughout India. Havells cables have played a pivotal role in numerous prestigious projects, including those at AIIMS, IITs, IIMs, telecom ventures, and the manufacturing plants of renowned national and international brands. The company has been a preferred choice for top-notch builders across India, further solidifying its standing in the market.

WCI: Kindly share your input regarding the challenges being faced by the Indian electrical industry. What should be the role of the Indian government in the growth of this sector?

AA: Power or electricity is a vital component of infrastructure, significantly influencing the economic growth and welfare of a country. In India, the power sector stands as a cornerstone for the nation’s development. However, it grapples with challenges such as transmission and distribution losses, as well as the use of sub-standard products to cut costs. Electricity plays a pivotal role in the expansion of infrastructure and industry. Connecting the dots, cables, crucial for both electrification and communication, hold an equally significant role in fostering infrastructure and industrial growth. As energy consumption rises and demands grow in emerging sectors, coupled with a diverse range of specialized products, the market size is undoubtedly expanding.

The Indian cable industry faces obstacles like escalating raw material prices, environmental concerns, safeguarding brand reputation, keeping products relevant, and coping with the deregulation that lowers entry barriers. Over the years, the Government of India has actively stimulated demand through infrastructure development initiatives, including new projects, smart cities, Metro Railways, High-Speed Rail networks, utility upgrades, and the adoption of 5G technology. Additionally, the government’s emphasis on raising awareness about environmental issues and addressing climate change has encouraged the adoption of renewable energy sources. For the wire and cable sector, there is a pressing need for the government to implement stringent laws discouraging the use of duplicate or counterfeit electrical products. This is crucial for ensuring the safety of consumers in the market.

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