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Cable Tech Machines India – Bags Orders of Over INR 100 Crore

Cable Tech Machines India, a complete stranding, armouring, drum twister & turnkey solutions provider, envisions enhancing capabilities and taking the business to the next level for which they have plans for technical collaborations with European companies, adding new machines at existing manufacturing units also. In a recent interaction with Wire & Cable India magazine, Mr. A S Baghel, CEO & Founder of Cable Tech Machines, shared insights about their company, recent developments, and future plans.

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Mr. A S Baghel, CEO & Founder of Cable Tech Machines

Wire & Cable India: Please tell us about your company and its journey.

A S Bhagel: Cable Tech Machines completed 25 years of cable machinery manufacturing with a focus to cater high-quality wire and cable machinery.

Since our inception, we have been following two convergent approaches, “theory and experience.” We’re proud to offer products that meet the high-quality standards. We prioritize building strong relationships with our reputed customers, which include industry leaders like Universal Cables, Polycab, Havells, KEI, KEC, and Sterlite, etc. We believe that the quality of products and services is the lifeline of every business and we are committed to achieving excellence in customer satisfaction by providing them a quality product at a reasonable price through adopting good manufacturing practices, the latest technologies, and continual improvement.

WCI: Share some information about your manufacturing set up and infrastructure.

A S B: We have two manufacturing units within Delhi NCR region with very advanced manufacturing facilities spread over a land area of 2 acres. The two manufacturing units with four independent facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for manufacturing machines for the conductor, cable (HT/LT/mv ) & rope industry. We also have an independent high-tech machine design setup equipped with US-based software networked CAD, CAM, workstations where fully integrated processes are standardized. Our facilities boast of achieving approximately 90 percent automation, minimizing manual work and processing by using all the hitech and modern machineries for production to make components interchangeable. We are using world-class technology in our facilities for manufacturing machines.

We are proud of that we have been able to build trust in these 25 years with our clientele.

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WCI: Shed light on your recent developments and future plans.

A S B: As we are focussing on the growth and expansion of the cable industry, we are obliged to share that we are booked with INR 100 crore plus orders from Indian and international markets. We are also under discussion for technical collaboration with European manufacturers to further enhance our capabilities.

WCI: Brief us about your product portfolio and market footprint.

A S B: We have a diverse range of specialized custom-built wire & cable machinery to match customer needs perfectly. Our product line includes stranding, armouring, drum twisters, take up and pay off stands, and many more. We have manufactured one of the largest sizes of drum twisters used in India for the assy of cable & for milliken conductors

Having a global presence, we currently prioritize the Indian market, attributing 80 percent of our sales domestically. This focus reflects our strong relationships with the Indian cable industry. While we do fulfill export orders, representing 20 percent of our current sales.

WCI: What are your USPs that keep you ahead of your competitors?

A S B: Being an engineer myself, I have been involved in design development from 33 years. My objective is to make the best products. Cable Tech Machines proudly boasts about the quality of its products at a reasonable cost. We are proud to say that our unmatched performance has garnered trust from our clients as our machines are still running from 25 years. These testaments motivate us to enhance further and adding new features is a continuous process to stay ahead of the competition.

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