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Arcole Invests in Setic Pourtier to Accelerate its Growth & Sustainable Development

Arcole has announced an investment in Setic Pourtier aimed to accelerate the development and enable a drastic deleveraging.

Apr 15, 2024


Arcole, a French private equity fund, in partnership with longstanding shareholder and CEO Thierry Collard, is excited to announce a new phase of growth of Setic, a global leader in designing and manufacturing machinery for the wire and cable industry based in Roanne and Paris, France. This strategic investment aims at accelerating Setic’s development and enables a drastic deleveraging. The company is thus in a very good position to capitalize on the favorable market trends anticipated in the coming years.

Setic will fully embrace its role as a French industrial leader at the service of energy transition. The first steps on this path include enhancing the sales structure of the U.S. subsidiary, upgrading facilities in Roanne with new R&D capabilities, and rebranding the group as “Setic Pourtier” on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, combining the legacy of both historical brands.

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Thierry Collard, CEO and strategic shareholder of Setic Pourtier, expressed his satisfaction: “I am delighted to have secured the redeployment of Setic Pourtier, keeping ownership in French hands and ensuring a promising future for our team while consolidating our growth trajectory that has taken us from a period of crisis to outstanding financial performance in just two years.”

Delphine Inesta, Managing Partner at Arcole, shared her enthusiasm: “We are thrilled about this investment, that gives Arcole the opportunity to support an industrial company with a French footprint and a global reach, based on a century-long legacy of technical excellence and innovation.”

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Renaud Sueur, also a Managing Partner at Arcole, commented, “We have discovered a vibrant group rich in expertise and skills, active on a fast-growing market, with very exciting challenges ahead. I am very happy to partner with Thierry Collard, the CEO of Setic Pourtier, whose experience and knowledge of the market have been decisive in our will to invest in the Group.” 

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