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Economic State-of-the-Art Acquisition, Processing & Display Unit USYS 20 from Zumbach Electronics

USYS 20, Table top version

This state-of-the-art processor is based on the experience of over 50 years with thousands of units operating in industrial processes like the manufacturing of wire and cable, tube and hose, steel and metal and others.

USYS 20 is the ideal and economic solution for one diameter or capacitance measuring point. The system features real-time, multi-tasking data processing and control. USYS 20 accepts measurements from a broad line of laser diameter gauges of the ODAC® series, covering a diameter or width range from 0.012 to 550 mm with a selectable resolution of up to 0.0001 mm. The processor also accepts capacitance measurements from the Zumbach’s CAPAC® systems instead of the diameter gauges.

Key Features

• Complete system for one measuring point

• Simultaneous display of 3 measured values

• Industrial, rugged design

• Table top or 19″ rack versions

• User friendly control panel with easy menu navigation

• Direct access function keys

• High-contrast LCD monochrome screen (240 x 128 pixels)

• Alarm displays

• Real-time data collection

• Reel and session reports

• DDC – Direct Dynamic Control system

• SRD – Static Regulating Device

In order to provide the most convenient measuring and control solution for your process, Zumbach offers one of the most complete programs of on-line monitoring and control systems for dimensional and physical or electrical parameters.


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