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Wire China 2016, a Successful Venture for Ajex & Turner

Ajex & Turner’s newly developed VNT Nano dies were the center of attraction for the visitors.

Being low in cost, but higher in output with additional metal saving feature, VNT Nano dies gathered the attention and many visitors opted with these dies for their future production. Having all the potential customers under one roof was extraordinary pleasant for the company.

Many new potential customers also visited the company’s booth and witnessed the upgraded wire polishing & regrinding machine TCD-10 with air pressure, grind and polish angles and bearing in one operation, which saves time, energy and also very cost effective. Visitors showed their keen interest in the machine after live demo, which cleared their all doubts.

Ajex is continuously indulged in developing different technologies in the field of wire dies, tooling and machines, and its revolutionary VNT Nano dies are the best example for the same, but still China fair has been a learning experience, where it got to know the different needs of the customers and it gives it the inspiration to do more work on our research and development.

Ajex has been participating in Wire & Cable fair for the long time as it understands that this is the platform where products can be witnessed by maximum number of potential customers at a fraction of what it costs to visit 50 clients and prospects over the next 6 months. Thus it utilizes this opportunity to the maximum and did its best to satisfy the visitors/potential customers with the help of product demonstration by technical discussion, live demo and showing the product working video.