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India to Install Optical Fiber Network along Indo-China Border for Better Connectivity

Difficult terrain of the Himalayas will now get optical fiber network with high capacity to transmit large volumes of communication which will benefit Indian armed forces and the civilians as well.

August 8, 2016

India is seriously considering the suggestion of equipping the roads near the Indo-China border with an optical fiber network, reported a news website. To make foolproof communication, it is very essential to opt for optical fibers as physical lines can be easily damaged or dismantled. Also, the satellite communication easily gets disrupted by disturbances in weather conditions.

The total number of estimation of roads along Indo-China border is scheduled to be completed by 2020. Currently, 73 roads along the border have been identified out of which 22 roads with the total length of 707.74 km have already been equipped with optical fibers. These high strength wires will ensure uninterrupted communication system for armed forces and the civilians residing in that region.


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