Wire & Cable India

Rosendahl and Nextrom offering wide varierty of wire and cable solutions

Rosendahl is a leading global supplier of high-tech wire and cable manufacturing solutions which offers first class products and turnkey solutions in the fields of Extrusion, Corrugation, Fiber Optic Cable as well as SZ Stranding. Out of these competences Rosendahl developed the product segments Power Cable, Automotive Wire, LAN Cable, Coaxial Cable and Fiber Optic Cables.

Nextrom is a premium supplier of Optical Fiber Glass Preform manufacturing equipment. Nextrom produces Fiber Draw Towers and associated machinery for the global fiber market using MCVD, OVD and VAD technologies. Besides providing optical fiber equipment, Nextrom is a world leading supplier of Fiber Optic Cable production lines.

At the Wire South East Asia 2013 Rosendahl and Nextrom will present latest advancements and technology highlights, including the latest developments for the production of energy, automotive, optical fiber and fiber optic cables.

The Hong Kong located representative office is serving the business for Nextrom and Rosendahl in the South East Asian countries as well as in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The office was established by Mr. Bo Karlström, who is the sales director for the South East Asian markets. The close contact with the company’s partners and the strategically well-positioned office ensure shortest reaction to all matters.

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