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Bosch Launches New Electric Vehicle Cable Without Bulky Charging Brick

Bosch launches World’s first electric vehicle charging cable with integrated technology for flexible recharging without a control box.

September 8, 2021

Flexible Smart EV Charging Cable

Bosch has announced the launch of a new charging cable for electric vehicles that is not equipped with the traditional “charging brick”. The German multinational engineering and technology company recently shared new details on the EV code prior to the world premiere at IAA Mobility in Munich.

Bosch is calling this flexible smart charging cable a “world’s first” to feature its integrated universal charging technology without the in-cable charging box, often referred to as a “brick.”

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According to Bosch, the new charging cable weighs about 40 percent less than brick-equipped cables at around 3 kg (~6.6 lbs).

The new cable will also come with adapters to allow both Level 1 and 2 AC charging. So whether you are plugging in at home or at a public charger, the new Bosch cable can connect and deliver charge speeds up to 22 kW. In addition to universal use for AC charging, Bosch’s charging cable was also built with advanced safety in mind.

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The type 2 connector at the vehicle end of the cable contains the components for controlling and monitoring the charging power. At the other end, the household plug with adapter houses the temperature control and a residual current device. This ensures that no overloading or overheating occurs even during regular recharging at a household power socket with up to 2.3 kilowatts of charging power. If necessary, the safety technology deactivates the cable before the situation becomes critical.