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HD Wire: India to Focus on World-Class Infrastructure & Rural Development

Mr. Dilip Dev, Chairman & Managing Director, HD Wire Pvt. Ltd.

HD Wire is a manufacturer and trader of galvanized wires and cables. Apart from MS wire material which includes annealed binding wire in various sizes, products like GI welded mesh, MS welded mesh, mild steel wire, hard drawn steel wire, GI steel core wire are among the wide array of products by the company. In an interview with Wire & Cable India magazine, Mr. Dilip Dev, Chairman & Managing Director, HD Wire Pvt. Ltd. talks about the product portfolio of his company and the future of the sector.

Wire & Cable India: Could you please take us through the business journey of your company?

Dilip Dev: Established in the year 1988, HD Wire Pvt. Ltd. commenced commercial production in the year 1994. Initially, the company was set up for MILD Steel wires, but now we produce more than 15 different products under our kitty.

HD Wire is now a recognised name in the wire & cable industry for the product lines of galvanized wires, ACSR wires, ACSR conductors, cable armour wire & strip, earth wire, stay wire, cable tape & many more allied products for the power industry and general engineering industries. With the support of a well-experienced and efficient professional team, we have been able to achieve all desired organisational objectives and attain higher customer satisfaction and preference. The company has achieved the status of the market leader in chosen products. HD Wire is known for its commitment to product quality and applauded for timely delivery. We just don’t draw wires, we draw customer satisfaction.

WCI: Tell us about your specialized products along with their USPs.

DD: Our extensive experience in the wire industry, more than 27 years now, helps us to gauge and understand the changing trends in the market and growth prospects in the user industries. We stick to our basics of delivering quality products in time and full quantity. Our in-house manufacturing process ensures trouble-free performance at the customers’ end. Our consistent performance in these areas has earned us the status of being a preferred supplier in the desired product range. Our sales team adopts the approach of consultative sales.

Following are some of our major products along with their end applications:

  • Galvanized cable armour wires & strips: Mainly used for armoring (protecting) the cables.
  • Galvanized steel tapes: Used in manufacturing RDSO grade cables (mainly used by the railway cable manufacturers).
  • Galvanized wires with different coating ranges: Used for gabion boxes, poultry cages, chain link, barbed wire, farming and other general engineering purposes.
  • ACSR wires: Used for overhead conductors for power transmission.
  • Spring steel wires: Mainly used in the automobile industry and general engineering industries.
  • Prestressed Concrete wire (PC Wire): Used for manufacturing concrete poles, hume pipes, railway sleepers, concrete piles, etc.

Cable armour wires, galvanized cable tapes and galvanized wires for farming, poultry and earth wire are our much-demanded products.

WCI: What are the top prestigious projects for which your company has supplied products?

DD: One of our key projects has been the job work of Tata Steel in the product category of cable armour wires. After the contract ended, utilising our idle capacity, we developed a product line of 0.90 mm fine armour wire which was primarily dependent on imports.

Presently, we are the largest manufacturer of fine armour wire with a market share of more than 20 percent. We have successfully completed the largest 700 MT single order of 0.90 mm fine wire to one of the most reputed cable companies of India.

WCI: What are your targets for the next two years as regards market reach, R&D and technological advancements?

DD: HD Wire is mainly in the B2B business. In the next two years, we are intending to diversify in the retail business, i.e. in the B2C business, significantly in the states of MP, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. This will help us in making HD Wire a known name in these geographies.

We also have the ambition of reaching the 10,000 MT per month sales target and we will actively work in the next two years to reach this goal. Our focus will remain on power transmission.

Other improvements planned are as given below:

  • The rooftop solar power plant of 300 kVA as an additional source of energy;
  • Automatic power factor controller capacitor bank of 300 kVAR;
  • Improved AC drives on selected machines;
  • Replacement of AC motor under the efficiency of 80 percent with IE3 grade motor of efficiency class 98 percent;
  • Automatic gas control and temperature-controlled plant with the use of German-made burners and their systems.

The government has planned for 300 MTPA steel productions by 2030 against the current production of 103 MTPA. This is also seen in the massive investment being planned in the creation of world-class infrastructure and rural development in India in recent years.

WCI: Kindly share your outlook on the Indian steel sector.

DD: I am very bullish on the outlook of the steel sector in India. Today, steel production in India is at 103 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) and the average per capita consumption of steel is 71 kg. The world average per capita finished steel consumption is 224 kg while China consumes 590 kg.

If India has to catch up with the world then we will need a lot of steel. The government has planned for 300 MTPA steel productions by 2030 against the current production of 103 MTPA. This is also seen in the massive investment being planned in the creation of world-class infrastructure & rural development in India in recent years. Overall future for the steel industry in India is very bright and the key factors determining success will be product quality and service.

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