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KJM GmbH: Developing Technology to Draw and Measure Ultra Fine Wires

The German manufacturer delivers different kind of measurement instruments for the wire, cable and drawing die production according to the requirements of the customers.

KJM has developed and sold non contact measurement instruments for the wire and cable industry for more than 20 years. With a strong desire to continuously provide top tier quality to long standing clientele and newly acquired customers, KJM provides a myriad of convenient services both online and offline which include the following:

Online: Diameter measurement instruments that meticulously measure the finest wires and the measurement of shaped wire and cable.

Offline: Drawing die measurements that measure diameter, ovality and calculates the die profile.

CEO Klaus Jakob and his outstanding team have developed a new technology to draw and measure the finest of wires. This technology is superior in its field because it makes it much easier to do accurate calculations and execute efficiently on otherwise laborious undertakings. KJM has simplified the production process of very high tension strength straight wiring. Furthermore, this technology draws the wires with a delicate hand resulting in immaculate material characteristics such as flexibility and agility in even the highest of tensile strength wires. The company has a proven expertise in high tension ultra fine wires.

A few examples of their portfolio include the following:

  • Stainless steel wires start with 10 µm up to 25 µm with tensile strength up to 4000 N/mm².
  • EDM wire 50 to 70 µm diameter with low tensile strength. Other materials and alloys with diameter smaller 50 µm are possible too.

The manufacturing and production site sits in an idyllic village known as Bonsweiher, located in the south of Frankfurt. As clientele continuously increases, so must expansion and production; therefore KJM as of date, has the capacity for 30 Million m per month. It is highly likely that the end of year projection should be more than double the aforementioned. With a network of highly qualified raw material suppliers, KJM is able to exceed customer satisfaction by producing superior quality ultra fine wires. Another convenient service extended to KJM clientele, allows customers to simply provide the wires and wait for KJM to customize and tailor it to their specific needs.