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Padanaplast Launches Cogegum® AFR 1809 UV — an Innovative HFFR Compound

The new HFFR Compound has been developed to meet the demand of green products for wire and cable industry.

November 15, 2020

Cogegum AFR series consists of thermoplastic halogen-free flame retardant materials for wire and cable insulation and sheathing.

Padanaplast, specializing in polyolefin compounds for use in wires and cables, pipes and fittings has launched Cogegum® AFR 1809 UV — a new HFFR grade to answer the need to reduce plastic material waste and put in place a circular economy policy.

Cogegum® AFR 1809 UV is a thermoplastic HFFR grade intended for use as jacket in power, signal and control cables High mechanical performances, excellent fire retardant behavior and good processability on standard extrusion line are made available in a formulation where high quality and well controlled byproducts components are used. The task to give a new life to raw materials otherwise destined to become waste is reached in a product having an amazing quality/cost ratio.

Cogegum® AFR 1809 UV is supplied in natural color pellets and can be colored in the most common tones used in cable industry.

Padanaplast is based at Roccabianca near Parma in Italy and operates 14 state-of-the-art production lines certified to EN ISO 9001 – ISO EN 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Established in 1971, the company has pioneered the technology of XLPE silanecrosslinkable polyethylene compounds, and has been offering HFFR compounds for cable sheathing, wire insulation, pipe and fitting applications since 1982. In 2017, the business became a member of Finproject Group, a major Italian global player in crosslinkable polyolefin compounding, extrusion and molding.

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