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Delhi Government Approves Conversion of Bare Wires of Over 2,264 km into Insulated Cables

As a part of this move, the bare conductor network in Delhi will be transformed into insulated network by TPDDL, BYPL and BRPL. Presently, the power department has a policy on shifting HT and LT power transmission lines which are life-threatening.

November 12, 2021

With the key objective of safety in mind, the Delhi Government has instructed the Power Department to convert 11 kV bare electrical wires of around 2,264 km into insulated wires. The decision has been taken following the cabinet’s approval of the ‘Policy To Convert Bare Conductors Of 11 KV Into Insulated Conductors’.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asserted that the presence of bare electrical wires in the national capital spoils the beauty along with posing a huge threat to life and property.

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“As a responsible and sensitive government, it is our duty to provide safety as well as facilities to the people of Delhi at every level. In view of this, this policy has been brought forth so that the people of Delhi can be saved from the possible danger to life and property that bare conductors pose,” Mr. Kejriwal was quoted as having said.

As published in a news report – the conversion will be undertaken in areas including regularised unauthorised colonies, urbanised villages, and resettlement colonies or colonies established under 20 point programme in rural areas; or rural areas such as Lal Dora and extended Lal Dora.

He further added, “By converting bare conductors to insulated conductors, a monumental change will be introduced to the supply infrastructure. The Delhi government is also working on undergrounding of electric wires hanging over the streets of Delhi. This will aid the people of Delhi by making them completely safe from the danger of accidents.”

Currently, the power department has a policy on shifting HT (11KV, 33KV, and 66KV) and LT (400V) power transmission lines which are life-threatening, according to the statement from the CM’s office.

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Within the policy, the bare conductor network spanning across the city will be transformed into the insulated network by TPDDL, BYPL, and BRPL. The Department of Finance has awarded INR 25 crore to the Power Department in the FY21-22 for the project under the ‘Jagmagati Delhi’ programme.