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Ajex & Turner to Showcase its Range of TW, Sector and Nano Dies

At wire India 2022, Ajex & Turner, along with Isinox Metaltec, would showcase its product portfolio for the wire & cable industry.

Ajex & Turner will be exhibiting the next-generation products at wire Mumbai 2022 including trolley wire die, sector die and nano die which are the fastest-growing products and are being used all over the world by all the leading cable manufacturers & conductors.

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The Company would also showcase extrusion tips and dies used for all types of extrusion machines by renowned companies like Supermac Industries (India) Ltd., Rosendahl Nextrom and Maillefer among others. Ajex & Turner is a fast-growing technology-driven unit engaged in the manufacturing of wire drawing dies and die polishing/reconditioning machinery & their consumables.

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Isinox Metaltec to Exhibit Special Types of Aluminium Alloys Wires

Isinox Metaltec Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of all special types of aluminium alloy wires. The Company would be showcasing all the products at wire Mumbai 2022. its products are used for nail insulation fasteners, electrical applications, mosquito wire mesh, fencing wire, braiding wire, welding wire, tea bag staple wire, rivets, metalizing wire, high purity metalizing wire of BOP films, etc. Isinox Metaltec also manufactures FRP, EAA coated steel wire in all sizes and as per customer’s requirements.

Visit Stand J-29 at wire India 2022, Mumbai

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