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Hitachi Energy Introduces IdentiQ Digital Twin Solutions for Power Grids

IdentiQ is a comprehensive solution for the power grid that will enable its users to improve the management of power grid assets.

November 26, 2021

Hitachi Energy
Image: Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy has introduced – IdentiQ, which are digital twin solutions for HVDC and power quality solutions for power grids. The role of IdentiQ can be understood as the digital twin of an HVDC converter station, STATCOM, or other power quality solution which provides all the relevant asset information, analytics, and operational data. The format of data has been designed in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard format, which can be customised by the users.

IdentiQ includes 3D interactive visualization of the complete asset, combined with one-click access to all the associated plant and equipment information, including engineering documentation, operational, and maintenance procedures, safety training, and live operational data for monitoring and analytics. It will enable customers to improve the management of power grid assets by clustering all information into one digital location for seamless access.

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IdentiQ makes the HVDC and power quality assets more:

  • Sustainable and eco-efficient by enabling comprehensive remote analysis and support and by digitalizing paper-based information on older installations.
  • Flexible – by adapting to continuously changing asset performance needs over the entire life cycle.
  • Secure – by complying with industry-leading cybersecurity standards and protecting all asset data and information and safer, by providing virtual training on on-site procedures.

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It can be said that digitalisation is extremely essential to making electricity the backbone of the entire energy system and advancing a sustainable energy future for all. It is the key to the integration of bulk and distributed renewables, as well as the electrification and decarbonization of sectors like transportation, industries, and data centers; and empowering countries and companies to meet their carbon emission reduction goals.