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Kund Kund Polymers to Come Up with a New State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Unit

Kund Kund Polymers
Mr. Darpan Jain, Director, Kund Kund Polymers

In an interaction with Wire & Cable India magazine, Mr. Darpan Jain, Director, Kund Kund Polymers, talks about the product offerings of the Company.

Wire & Cable India: Tell us about Kund Kund Polymers.

Darpan Jain: Kund Kund Polymers (a unit of SCJ Group) is one of the leading manufacturers of premium masterbatches and has served a full spectrum of polymers and applications in the wire & cable industry for over 50 years.

The motto of Kund Kund Polymers is to sell its product with consistent quality & technical strength and aim to bring down the existing colouring cost of its customers by at least 3 percent. We have a comprehensive range of colour and additive masterbatches for all cable applications in global standards such as RAL, PANTONE, UL and BS.

The Company has state-of-the-art R&D and production facilities. With our rich experience in the wire & cable industry needed for masterbatches, we can develop any specific customised colour and additive masterbatches in line with the industry’s requirements. We have a special range for high-speed extrusion for household wire applications.

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WCI: Brief us on the product offerings for the wire & cable industry.

DJ: Our product range for the wire & cable industry includes:

Masterbatches with compliance to REACH, RoHS, RoHS 3 (phthalate free).

  • PVC Masterbatches for all kinds of wire & cable applications like house wiring, control & instrumentation cables, signalling cables and power cables.
  • Telecom Cable Masterbatches – PE Masterbatch, XLPE (Thermoset), and HDPE (railway quad cable and telecom & instrumentation cable).
  • TPE Nylon & PBT Masterbatches – special & optical fibre cable.
  • ZFFR Masterbatch – insulation and sheathing.
  • Solar Cable Masterbatch.
  • Range of Additives Masterbatch such as Ultra Violet (UV) resistant, Anti-oxidant, Anti-rodent & Anti-termite Masterbatch for both PVC & PE Cables.
  • UV Masterbatch is available in all polymers for insulation and sheathing.
  • WCI: Throw some light on the USP of your products and services.
  • DJ: Our group has a rich experience of over five decades in masterbatch manufacturing. We have a wide range of products. Our group makes masterbatch for 28 polymers. We can say that nobody in the masterbatch industry understands the wire & cable sector better than SCJ.
  • With the efforts of our qualified and well-experienced team, the quality of our products is continuously maintained in production. Our infrastructure boosts a state-of-the-art laboratory as well as a plant that is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology.

WCI: Please share new developments at Kund Kund Polymers and any future plans.

DJ: We are keeping pace with all the major cable manufacturing companies in India and travelling to all the major exhibitions across the world to understand the new developments happening around the globe. Development is a continuous effort; we sell materials on technical strength and provide our customers value for money. We are planning to come up with a new state-of-the-art manufacturing unit very soon. We are also looking forward to replacing imports in small quantities at affordable prices.

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WCI: What opportunities do you look forward to in the wire & cable industry?

DJ: With continuous stress on infrastructure and real estate business, there is also a need for a huge improvement in communication. The wire & cable sector looks forward to growth in this sector to reach further heights and technology improvements. Our well-equipped Research & Development team will meet the requirements and expectations of the industry. We are always close to our customers, with a marketing network covering all geographical locations across the nation.

Visit Stand L-81 at wire India 2022, Mumbai.

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