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Wire 2016: Review

wire 2016, 4-8 April, Dusseldorf, Germany as usual was a busy affair. With 1,337 exhibitors from 53 countries on a net exhibition area of 59,700 square meters, the exhibition put forth a stage to showcase important paraphernalia for and by the wire and cable industry. From wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, process engineering tools and auxiliary materials to various other materials, special wires and cables were presented by players from across the globe. Innovations from measurement, control and test engineering as well as other specialized areas were among important exhibits at the show. Wire & Cable India recorded the responses of various key participants at the event to know how they felt about the show. Here is a review:






AIM, Inc.

AIM Demonstrated its Patented Synchro CNC Wire Bending Machine and AFC “Compact”

Received about 20 percent more inquiries than the previous show, of which 40 percent were new customers

AIM presented the patented Synchro CNC wire bending machine with unmatched versatility, fast output, and low cost maintenance. The hybrid forming technology provides the user with the competiveness needed in today’s ever-changing marketplace. The AIM Synchro line has the ability to form tube of coil and make complex 2D and 3D profiles. Large, generating arcs and hard bends are made easy. The Synchro also employs 3 different cutting techniques depending on the complexity of the profile, chamfering, external saw cut and traditional tube cutters. Each configuration is modular and can be integrated in the field with relative ease.

Also showcased at wire 2016 was the AFC “Compact” with our new wire cleaning system, the WC6, which features inline wiping, rotary brushes, and specialized detergents to ensure that clean wire is passed through the machine prior to forming. The cleaning solution is recycled and reused within the WC6 making it a true standalone system. Not only does the WC6′s standalone configuration allow relatively easy movement within the factory, but the WC6 has the ability to be placed before any wire forming, wire drawing, or wire straightening system.

The show participation was satisfactory. AIM booth received about 20 percent more inquiries than the previous show, from which 40 percent were new customers! AIM continues the 25 year innovation race and already has new and remarkable products ready for the next trade shows, said an AIM representative at the show.



Cutting-edge Extrusion Crosshead for Fluoropolymer Cables

EROCARB’s USP is its compact crossheads with fine-tuning centring and maintenance devices for quick and safe cleaning

EROCARB S. A., a Swiss extrusion equipment specialist, presented an In-line crosshead E20LN10 for the extrusion of tubes and the crosshead E12BF10 with maintenance unit ETEL for the extrusion of Fluoropolymer cables at wire 2016, Dusseldorf. The company is engaged in design and manufacture of a number of high precision components and devices for the wire, cable, and plastic industries. EROCARB manufactures a series of highly sophisticated extrusion crossheads aimed at various industries engaged in extrusion.

“Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is compact crossheads with fine-tuning centring and maintenance devices for quick and safe cleaning. It goes further to extrusion crossheads with quick colour change systems. More than 30 years of experience in extrusion!” said

Mr. Charles Leuenberger, Project Manager, EROCARB S. A. at wire show.

EROCARB ensures full traceability of the production by manufacturing the parts in its own workshops. Manufacturing documents are carefully saved in order to allow the maintenance of customer’s production lines.

“Our engineers improve continuously the equipment for extrusion process by employing new designs, new materials, new steel treatments, and new coatings integrate in all of EROCARB’s solutions. The accumulated experience leads to the benefit of all the customers,” informed Mr. Leuenberger. “The wire 2016 has been quite busy for us and we saw a great footfall at our booth. Not only did we generate several new business contacts in India, but also we were able to book an order for crosshead E115AN10.”

“Among our future plans is the extension of crosshead family with rotary dies,” he said.


Fainplast srl

Fainplast Displayed Innovative Cross-linkable Compounds XLPO-HFFR & Elastomers

Bagged some new orders and projects at the show

Fainplast, one of the leading companies providing a wide range of plastic solutions, took part in wire 2016 with a brand-new booth and its range of high quality products. “With over 38 thousand international visitors, this was certainly a not-to-be missed event to conduct good business with important producers and decision makers,” said Mr. Joshua Bruni of Fainplast Srl.

At wire 2016, Fainplast focused mainly on halogen free cross-linkable compounds, XLPO-HFFR, suitable for the production of high performance cables with high thermal and mechanical properties on the traditional production lines. These cables are designed to suit all those applications where low emissions of fumes in case of fire, high flame and oil resistance, and long life even at very high operating temperatures are required.

“We presented some new XL-HFFR compounds having better processing and some special elastomers cross-linkable by Sioplas method,” informed Mr. Bruni. “This flame retardant elastomer, cross-linkable by Sioplas, is suitable for cable applications such as sheathing or insulation of electrical cables with high flexibility, resistance to harsh weather conditions, oils and hydrocarbons.”

Fainplast displayed its wide range of products to the public, emphasizing the high quality of their compounds, which are used by the leading cable manufacturers on the market. The show was pretty successful for the company as we received some new orders and were approached for some very interesting projects,” said Mr. Bruni.


Fortuna Federn GmbH

New Design of Spring Coiling Machines with Advanced Robotic Automatization

Fortuna presented DTL-R-12 automatic double torsion line with robotic automatization, WIM-100H CNC custom made lathe hot spring coiling machine, 3D Spring Designer software for our CNC spring coiling machines

Fortuna Federn GmbH is a leading spring making machine manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in spring manufacturing and spring making machinery manufacturing. Having started its journey as spring manufacturer, Fortuna today receives over 90 percent of turnover from spring making machines.

At wire 2016, Fortuna presented a new design of spring coiling machines with advanced robotic automatization to increase production, quality, flexibility and repeatability – DTL-R-12 automatic double torsion line with robotic automatization. It also showcased its hot coiling technology with patented CNC machine design to make springs with maximum wire diameter up to 100mm – WIM-100H CNC custom made lathe hot spring coiling machine.

Fortuna has recently come up with a new CNC software interface, i.e. 3D Spring Designer software for its CNC spring coiling machines that improve spring visualization in 3D view right from programmed spring parameters. With this new designed CNC interface, machine become closer to the operator.

When asked about the USP of the company, a company representative at the show said, “Our USP is that we do sales straight from doors of our company since the beginning in 1975 because 85 percent of products made by us are individual projects. So we just do exactly what we know and offer discrete solution for each customer, with competitive budget and reliable service. And, of course, we sale not just machine and technology, we offer family reputation of successful long-term business cooperation.”

“We receive several orders, a lot with bow tie-in contracts, at the show! We wish to convey our appreciation to organizers of wire 2016 Düsseldorf for such well done exhibition,” said the representative.

The company’s plans for future are to grow up to the next stage of automatization by implementing robotics in all possible ways with our spring coiling machines. The company also desires to make the world’s biggest CNC hot spring coiling machine to cover 150mm wire diameter.


H&R ChemPharm (UK) Ltd.

Plasticising Oils for Polymer Compounding & Water Blocking of XLPE Cables

wire 2016 presented an opportunity to H&R Group for showcasing its cable compound product portfolio to an international audience

H&R stand exhibited the company’s expertise in plasticising oils for polymer compounding, along with water blocking technology and dielectric compounds for the energy, telecommunication and fibre optic sectors. Two areas that were of particular interest to visitors were plasticising oils for polymer compounding and the water blocking of XLPE cables.

In Europe, the wire and cable sector is one of the largest users of PVC for cable sheathing and insulation. Without plasticisers the cable sheathing and insulation would become brittle and crack resulting in safety and down time issues for cable networks.

H&R, with extensive experience in this area, offer a range of plasticisers with different viscosities to meet the requirements of both cable designers and polymer compounders, with their PIONIER oils range seen as an alternative to Phthalates and also suited to NBR in a number of sheathing and insulation applications.

Used since the late 1960′s, XLPE cables have brought cost, performance and environmental benefits to cable networks around the world. In order to maintain reliability of XLPE cables, H&R Group has developed STRANDBLOK, specifically for the sealing of conductor strands in AC and DC XLPE cables.

Based on synthetic hydrocarbons and fillers, STRANDBLOK offers cable designers excellent compatibility with polymers used in cable construction, as well as exhibiting excellent water resistance – making it ideal for offshore/subsea applications.


iiM AG

VisioCablePro® with Product Updates Gets Considerable Attention of Visitors

The new generation cable measuring device VCPX5-16 version offers many technological improvements; a new piece of technology for inline measurement was successfully presented for the first time at wire 2016

With the new trade fair design and numerous product innovations relating to cable measuring technology, the company iiM AG once again presented itself very successfully with the brand VisioCablePro® at the world’s largest trade fair for the wire and cable industry, wire 2016.

From 4th to 8th April 2016, the trade fair team from the ‘cable measuring technology’ division at iiM AG were on hand to hold technical discussions with interested trade fair visitors and customers at the biggest international trade fair for wire, cable, manufacturing and processing. In order to optimally cater to these international requirements, the team was actively assisted during customer consultations by distribution partners from Italy, France, Spain, South Africa, Russia, Israel, Iran, India, Greece, South America and Mexico, just like during trade fairs in previous years.

This year’s trade fair highlight for iiM AG, the new generation of the proven cable measuring device VCPX5, has been offering many noteworthy technological further developments since the beginning of 2016 and generated great interest among visitors at the trade fair. The VCPX5-16 version contains, among other things, improved optical systems with greater resolutions and a new compactly integrated lighting/lighting control system for optimum, homogeneous illumination. This has enabled measuring uncertainties to be further reduced.

In addition to the innovative measuring equipment, the focus of the trade fair presentation lay on cable sample preparation. The new products and also device updates, e.g. the CS100 cable stripper or the new version of the SC-PE splitting cutter, attracted great attention and it was possible for visitors to try them out directly at the trade fair stand. However, visitors to the stand were also greatly impressed by the proven cable cutting devices in the O-Ring Cutter family, which cut any type of cable simply and precisely.

A new piece of technology for inline measurement, which iiM AG is researching for the cable industry in cooperation with the company MabriVision, was also successfully presented for the first time at wire 2016. Here, semi-transparent cable layers are measured geometrically using a fibre optic sensor. Visitors were given interesting insights into this with the aid of an experimental setup.

Overall, some very promising contacts were made and some highly interesting conversations were held during the five-day trade fair.




IWMA Rates wire 2016 a Hit in its Review of the Show

The association hosted dinner and conferred several awards to foster connectivity among industry players and recognize outstanding work done in furtherance of the industry

IWMA, after a very hectic week in Düsseldorf, finally announced wire 2016 a huge success. The association in the review of the show informed that it was delighted to see so many IWMA members at wire, making use of the IWMA stand and at its industry dinner.

One of the core aims of the IWMA is to support members at trade events and the new stand design was a real asset – not only for members with exhibition stands, but also for those members just visiting the show, said the review. It further said that the business centre facilities and meeting room were in constant demand, and it was great to see members using the seating areas to meet clients or just stop for refreshment during long and busy days; it made the IWMA stand a busy hub for all our members.

Industry Dinner and Awards

Welcoming guests to the IWMA dinner, IWMA chair Amanda Shehab said, “Since the IWMA was founded 46 years ago, we have been very proud to have supported the wire show organized over 50 technical conferences. We look forward to continuing that work and expanding the support we give our members in the years to come.”

The winners of the HW Bennett award for the best ferrous and non-ferrous technical papers from the CabWire 2015 conference were also announced at the dinner. The non-ferrous award went to Mr. Franco Bensi and Mr. Rupert Parmenter of SICME Italia Impianti for his paper Revolutionizing the Wire Manufacturing Process. The ferrous award went to Mr. René Branders of FIB Belgium SA, for his paper New Design in Open Fire Furnaces.

Through its educational trust fund and travel award scheme, the IWMA actively encourages industry newcomers to gain new skills and experience. The Walter Niehoff scholarship provides funding to trainees supported by member companies, and the John C Hogg travel award scheme contributes towards costs for successful applicants to attend industry leading events.

The winners of the 2016 John C Hogg travel awards received VIP guest invitations for the industry dinner, entry to wire 2016, toured some of IWMA member stands and received commemorative certificates and catalogues at the IWMA stand from IWMA chair Amanda Shehab and Daniel Ryfisch, the deputy global portfolio director for metals and flow technologies for Messe Düsseldorf.


LMI India Pvt. Ltd.

Paul LEIBINGER Unveils New Coding and Marking Machine Model Jet3 UP Rapid at wire 2016

JET3 UP Rapid gives up to 16 crore characters on a liter of ink; gives an uninterrupted 6000 hours of operation; has more than 800 standard features

LMI India is an ISO 9000 (TÜV Nord) certified company located in Delhi and with multiple branches across the country. LMI is associated with leading reputed European companies to provide Coding and Marking Solutions and related Automation to its customers.

One of its German principal M/s. Paul LEIBINGER, whose association with it dates back to more than a decade, has unveiled New Coding and Marking Machine model Jet3 UP Rapid in wire 2016, Dusseldorf.

Field tested successfully and found to be over 30 percent faster than their previous models, Leibinger JET3 UP Rapid allows almost all variants of cable to be marked at line speeds of up to 1000 meter/min in the existing Extrusion / Rewind Line.

With this market introduction, M/s. Paul LEIBINGER has once again demonstrated its capability on technological and engineering innovation and its ability to quickly adapt to the market needs. This technological advancement has been made possible by incorporating several innovations one of which is efficiently managing much higher drop frequency. The plant supervisor can get high quality print of, say, company name and logo, ISI logo, product code, cable specification, meter marking, etc. at much higher line speeds. LMI India has thus ensured that ‘Marking’ requirements does not come in the way as limitation factor for achieving faster production.

JET3 UP Rapid has more than 800 standard features, those that which are offered as “options” by competitor’s machines at additional costs. The patented and award winning Nozzle seal “Sealtronic” technology gives the machine operator a true pleasure of work. JET3 UP Rapid can give up to 16 crore characters on a liter of ink thus giving a value for money in day-to-day operations. In long run too, this marking machine is a work horse. It gives an uninterrupted 6000 hours of operation after which only some small components need to be changed.

To complement this advanced design and technology, Leibinger offers special and wide range of Inks. Its inks provide good adhesion and abrasion resistance to different sheath and insulation compounds used in cables and pipes such as PVC, PA, PE, PP. The new silver grey ink and yellow ink is found successful in both light and dark surfaces.

Other Products, exclusively for the Cable industry

LMI India Pvt. Ltd. provides integrated solutions for in-process measurement and quality control. For over a decade the company has been serving the Indian wire and cable industry with technologically superior and advanced products. The non-contact laser diameter scanner model LaserScan 8000 series is versatile and offers a useful tool for SPC analysis when used with our LaserView software.

LMI has designed and supplied ProfileScan and VPro exclusively for the wire and cable industry. This offline system helps a QC supervisor to analyze the dies and cable cross section. ScanLength is yet another product which can be sandwiched into an existing production line to measure and record the cable length accurately thus helping to save on costs.


Madem Reels Group

Madem Displays Fresh Ink Jet Painting Technology for Wooden Drums at wire 2016

Many orders under negotiation after the show; the only wooden drum manufacturer with all CNC robotic lines in the world; future plan is to set up new manufacturing unit, may be in India

Madem Reels Group with headquarters in Brazil is the leading worldwide manufacturer of wooden reels for electrical cable companies. The group showcased its range of reels and reel making technology at the wire show in Dusseldorf, one among those was innovative ink jet painting technology for the wooden drums.

Madem Group has forests, sawmill and manufacturing plants in Brazil, Spain and Bahrain with more than 400 employees and produces more than 400 containers/trucks of knock down wooden reels per month. The USP of the company is it being the only wooden drum manufacturer with all CNC robotic lines in the world, in the three plants 8 full continuous lines making 400 trucks of knock down drums per month and supplying to more than 100 cable Companies in more than 40 countries.

Madem’s all plants are ISO 9000 and 14.000 certified and are green label certified by FSC and PEFC. All woods used are renewable pine; all KD Kiln Dried and HT-ISPM 15 Heat Treated.

At wire 2016, the company got many new leads and received orders, whose contracts were under negotiation after the show. As for future plans, Madem will be opening new manufacturing plants by mid 2017. New locations are not decided, but India is a target market as it already exports from Bahrain to more than 10 cable plants.


Melos GmbH

Melos Presents New Product Highlight: Special Bedding Compound FM 0474/5 for New CPR Regulation

The company hailed the show a great success; showed its ready-to-use “Firefighter” concept to meet the new CPR regulation; introduced one of the best oil-resistant and low temperature flexible thermo-plastic compounds, the Mecoline S TP 1030 F

From 4th to 8th of April 2016, Melos presented its products at the Wire Düsseldorf. Its highly specialized compounds are used as insulation, sheathing and bedding materials for cables. The main focus of the event was the new product innovations.

A huge number of fair visitors came to see the highlights of the product portfolio. The major topic was the new CPR regulations. Melos team showed its ready-to-use “Firefighter” concept to meet these new regulations and many other international specifications and standards. In this context, the products were optimized concerning their fire behavior. The fire behavior of certain compounds was determined by an independent test institute through a standardized ladder fire test. Specialized compounds, such as the Melos’ top new product FM 0474/5, achieve particularly good results as per the new CPR regulations. During their visits, visitors were convinced of the improved fire performance. On Melos booth the fire behavior results were clearly demonstrated and explained by its R&D and sales team.

Melos also introduced one of the best oil-resistant and low temperature flexible thermoplastic compounds, the Mecoline S TP 1030 F, whilst its range of radiation cross-linkable compounds for rapid transit and offshore applications found wide acceptance. These special cables have to resist extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Therefore, Melos has developed specialized Mecoline UV compounds which meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 4892-2. Their special feature is resistance against UV radiation. These new products were staged at the Melos booth in vivid showcases.

The Melos team welcomed several business partners, distributors and agents at their booth at this year’s Wire Düsseldorf. Technical discussions with qualified visitors from all over the world were held in an enjoyable atmosphere. The new products were presented comprehensively.


Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

New Lean Bihler Tools for Its Stamping and Forming Machines RM-NC and GRM-NC

Key advantages are reaction times and production costs cut in half plus extremely fast setup times

Bihler has evolved to become the world’s leading company supplying forming, assembly and welding technologies and also CAD software for punching technology. Innumerable companies representing a diverse range of industries (automobile manufacture, electric industry, medical engineering etc.) benefit from the impressive Bihler quality.

The Bihler Technology is the combination of Bihler stamping-forming and assembly techniques into one integrated manufacturing process. Beginning with raw material stamping operations, Bihler integrates key technologies as welding, tapping, screw insertion, feeding, sorting, inspection, cleaning, and packaging and much more into a fully-automated assembly solution.

At wire 2016, Dusseldorf, Bihler presented the new lean tool for the servo-controlled stamping and forming machines RM-NC and GRM-NC. Key advantages are reaction times and production costs cut in half plus extremely fast setup times.

In the RM-NC and GRM-NC, Bihler offers two machines for maximum efficiency in the production of classical stamping and forming parts in even smallest batch sizes. With these servo stamping and forming machines, manufacturers can produce a wide spectrum of classical stamped and formed parts as well as wire part more flexible and productive. Moreover, users can benefit from very fast tool changes, flexible handling of a wide spectrum of products and variants as well as constantly high production quality. Full tool compatibility with machines in the RM and GRM series opens up interesting new vistas regarding increase in output and shortest change-over times.



PWM Introduces Two New Cold Pressure Machines ST40 and HP180 at wire, Dusseldorf

ST40 air/hydraulic cold welder was a big attraction; large, energy-efficient P1500 and EP500 welders proved popular with visitors looking for a cost-effective method of welding non-ferrous rods

PWM exhibited two new cold pressure welding machines at wire 2016: the ST40 air/hydraulic strip welder for joining strip and tape used on armouring lines; and the HP180, a small portable welder for wire and profile.

The ST40 is designed to weld strip and tape up to a maximum width of 45mm and a maximum cross sectional area of 33mm². The machine produces reliable bonds stronger than the parent material without loss of electrical integrity. No set up time is required, and, like all PWM welders, the ST40 is low maintenance, simple and cost effective to operate. Mounted on a trolley, the ST40 can be wheeled easily to the work area, reducing downtime.

The new HP180T air/hydraulic cold welder is a small, versatile machine. It is supplied on a trolley, and can also be hand-held (within the limit of the air supply pipe) if required. Quick and easy to use, the HP180T enables the operator to produce strong consistent welds without effort.

Commenting on wire 2016, Mr. Steve Mepsted, Managing Director of PWM Ltd said: “We enjoyed an excellent show with steady visitor traffic to the stand from Monday through to Thursday; Friday was quieter. Visitor quality was also really good with more visitors from India and Scandinavia than in previous years.

“Our ST40 air/hydraulic cold welder was a big attraction, and we are now testing materials for customers interested in this new machine. Our large, energy-efficient P1500 and EP500 welders proved popular with visitors looking for a cost-effective method of welding non-ferrous rod, including aluminium to copper, up to 30mm diameter. All in all, a very positive show.”


PLASTICOLOR Woywod Kunststoffmaschinen

PLASTICOLOR Introduces the New PDC-Control & IPC based Touch Screen Control for Mixing Stations

The new improvement in PLASTICOLOR mixing stations’ control created quite an interest among visitors

Originally founded as an engineering company for extrusion technology at the end of 1970, Woywod Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH & Co. Vertriebs-KG have manufactured and sold PLASTI-COLOR brand of equipments and systems for the plastics processing industry since 1980. The company today produces a range of batching and mixing installations, and other drive and control technologies for plastic processing.

At wire 2016, the introduction of the new “easy-to-operate” PDC-Control, as well as the IPC based Touch Screen Control for mixing stations created serious interest among the customers from all over the world. A major subject for many clients was the incorporation of existing equipment into new and more precise mixing station systems.

In a PLASTICOLOR mixing station every individual component including the main material is dosed by a PLASTICOLOR unit. Standard mixing stations consist of 2 to 8 PLASTICOLOR units. Special mixing stations for more than 8 components can be designed and supplied. The modular design of the systems facilitates the easy and inexpensive extension of existing mixing stations or conversion from volumetric into gravimetric operation.

The exhibition was also a very good opportunity to strengthen the already close contacts to the OEM-clients from India, Southeast Asia, America and Europe. The tendency for the future is still to be seen in new developments to make the equipment more operator-friendly and to also increase the precision.


RichardsApex, Inc.

Showcases Its Versatile Lubricant RA-400

The company took the show as a great success with a number of new leads from India and around the world

RichardsApex is the world’s premier resources for all lubricants, cleaners and coatings for the metalworking industry. From conventional soluble oils, to semi-synthetics, to true synthetics, RichardsApex has a product to meet the parameters specified in today’s machining industry.

Its product of distinction at the wire16 show was RA-400. RA-400 is our very versatile water soluble wire drawing lubricant. It can be used for copper and aluminium drawing from rod breakdown machines through to fine wire, as well as an annealing solution. RA-400 is very stable, has extremely low foaming properties, and is great at keeping systems clean. RA-400 can be used to draw bare, tinned, and silver plated copper wire in single and multiwire machines down to 38ga (0.1mm). It is also suitable for use as a quenching fluid.

Speaking on the USP of the company, Mr. Scott Schultz, Asian Product Manager, RichardsApex AustralAsia said, “From our worldwide sales representatives and engineers to our technical R&D team, it is the people, their knowledge, experience and relationships that continue to provide the opportunities and innovation to develop technologically advanced products, ensuring RichardsApex remain the industry’s lubricant supplier of choice.”

Mr. Scott Schultz looked exultant after the show and said, “The show was a great success with a number of new leads from India and around the world. In addition, meetings held at the show confirmed a number of rod plants starting use of SK technology in the Middle East and Europe, which is a great development for us”

“Our R&D team is currently working tirelessly to improve upon our aluminium rolling lubricant range. The work is also being done on a semi-synthetic and synthetic rolling lubricant. These are our immediate goals to achieve,” said Mr. Scott elaborating the developments at RichardApex.


Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd.

BWR Announces One of Asia’s Largest Fully Integrated Steel Wire Rope Plant

The company has made an investment of Rs. 507 crores to set the facility; the plant will have a capacity of 66,000 tonne per annum

Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd., one of the most prominent producers of strands, wire ropes, and slings in India, announced, at wire 2016, the establishment of a new fully integrated steel wire rope factory at Chalisgaon, Maharashtra, India.

Speaking on the development, Mr. Mayank Mittal, Director, BWR said, “Our company, Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. is a multimillion USD enterprise based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. We deal with manufacturing of specialty wire ropes. The company has set new benchmarks in the production of strands, wire ropes and slings.

“Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. has now made a whopping investment of Rs. 507 crores to set up one of Asia’s largest fully integrated facility to produce high carbon and stainless steel wire ropes ranging in thickness from 6mm-125mm with tensile grade up to 2160 N/mm2 in Maharashtra. The entire plant is spread over a sprawling 70 acre land with a capacity of 66,000 tonne per annum. Production at the new plant will commence from July 2016 onwards.”

The range of products manufactured by the company includes wire ropes of all types, mechanically spliced slings, hand spliced slings, earth wires, stay wires, guy wires and spiral strands. Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. clientele consists of both foreign and domestic majors, and includes the Indian defense segment, government and semi-government organizations that find varied applications in sectors such as general engineering, fishing, elevators, cranes, material handling, onshore / offshore oil exploration, ports and shipping and mining.

Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. has adopted safety as its core value with an unwavering focus on innovation, and ceaselessly strives to meet every customer expectation in terms of pricing and overall service. We are hereby looking forward to establishing new business relationships, as strong and long-lasting as our wire ropes,” said Mr. Mittal.


Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH

Rosendahl Nextrom Showcaes Its Latest Techno-logical Innovations For Smart Factory Requirements

For Rosendahl, this was a really powerful and highly energized wire 2016

Rosendahl Nextrom, a leading global supplier of production technologies for the wire and cable industry, enjoyed being part of the show and demonstrated its best technologies for the wire and cable industry. Industry 4.0 – “Smart Factory” as Rosendahl Nextrom likes to call it – is becoming reality and opening new doors both for the company as suppliers and for the manufacturers. It is an industrial revolution which eases information management. The main benefit is concerned with predictive maintenance, backtracking of processes and online monitoring. Rosendahl Nextrom takes this revolution seriously and presents many opportunities in this direction with its technology.

The company presented the latest technological developments which it has undertaken in processing high-temp materials and silicone rubbers, producing loose tubes with fibre over length control at extremely high speeds, improved extrusion and crosshead technology, recycling helium during fiber draw, VAD/OVD preformtechnology, and much more…

Rosendahl’s new Service Lounge was especially well received. Many visitors took the opportunity to review the possibilities offered by maintenance or upgrades. The team was happy to evaluate what works best for our customers according to their needs.



SAN SHING Displays Its Machinery & Tooling Expertise at wire 2016

The company’s forming tool products include punches, dies and hot forming tools among other things

With a strong fastener manufacturing background, San Shing’s tooling factory has developed to be a global tooling supplier with much matured tooling production techniques. Tooling product is not only used in cold forming process, but also broadly used for hot forging, press production or as task-specific parts.

The factory is fully equipped with a total of 360 sets of processing equipments including CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding machines, EDM wire cutting and EDM discharge. 350 staffs working two shifts supply up to 5,000 pieces of dies and 15,000 pieces of punches every month.

Continuous improvement is one of the core elements that underpin the growth of tooling factory. In order to cope with the growing demand from our customers, a tooling factory expansion has been planed since 2013. In two years, a new 3-story factory is now completed and came into full operation in May 2015. The construction of new factory has helped San Shing to add up to 6,000 square meters for its manufacturing related operations.

Recent machinery renewal and procurement is also done as a part of the expansion plane, which is not only in terms of space but the advancement of overall productivity efficiency and production capability.

From the renewal project, the equipment utilization is optimized with enhanced quality level. By the addition of new facility, equipments, manpower, San Shing will be able to take on the increasing tooling demands from customers in various industries.



SARVASV Presents Its Famed High Speed Machines for the Wire and Cable Industry

The company got encouraging reviews of its high speed technologies at the show

At wire 2016, SARVASV’s high speed rotating machines for wire and cable, high speed skip stranders/ double twist bunchers and dual take technologies were the ones which got quite popular with visitors. According to company sources, serious interest was shown towards these technologies and feedbacks were quite encouraging. The company is expecting significant conversions from the leads generated at the show. In addition, many existing tie-ups were discussed and taken to the next level.

SARVASV considers its high speed rotating machines for wire and cable its USP and is planning on developing new technology and enhancement in rotating machines for the wire and cable Industry in India. It has recently launched its new technology automatic stranding lines to be used for stranding copper, steel and aluminum for making stranded conductors for LT Cables & HT cables and overhead aluminum conductors.

Being the technological leader in cable machinery manufacturing and consultancy in India, SARVASV produces tubular stranding machine (for steel, al and cu); rigid stranding machine (for steel, al and cu); armoring machine; core laying up machine; armoring cum laying machine (multi-purpose); skip stranders (for al, cu and cores); special planetary/anti torsion machines; extrusion and sheathing lines (for PVC and XLPE); rewinding lines, take up units, payoff units and caterpillar units; bunching machines; taping solution for PVC, copper, steel; and high speed tubular stranding machine up to 36 wires for steel rope.


Videx Machine Engineering Ltd.

New models of Bolt machine and Thread Roller for Headed Fasteners at wire 2016

The company intends to step into the Indian market also

Videx Machine Engineering is designing and manufacturing machinery for the wire and fastener industries since 1973. The high performance, accuracy and low maintenance costs of Videx machines attract customers from all over of the world, and Videx has gradually made its name as a world leader in thread rolling machines, straighten and cut machines and special product machines from wire coils.

At the show, Videx featured a new model of its bolt machine and a new model of Thread Roller for headed fasteners, which attracted good footfall to its booth. Its USP is the total automation of the production process, drastically reducing labor, which means better quality and a lot lower tooling cost per piece.

Videx exports its 95 percent of its products and machinery to leading manufacturers in USA, Europe, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Asia, and South America. It also plans to expand its presence all over the world and exhibit in many sites. Further, it intends to be in the Indian market also.


Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp.

A Glimpse of Extensive Database of Second-hand Machinery

Wire & Plastic Machinery concluded several in process negotiations during the show and started many other projects

Bristol (USA) based Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. is a global equipment supplier offering high quality solutions for wire, cable, and optical fiber manufacturing. It has a comprehensive selection of second-hand, reconditioned, and new machines from the industry’s most reputable manufacturers.

Wire and Plastic Machinery Corporation had a very successful exhibition in Dusseldorf this year. The 72 square meter booth (increased from 2014) again was located within the North American Pavilion in Hall 9. The company was able to provide its existing customers and new prospects instant access to an extensive database of second hand machinery through web enabled computer monitors.

As the largest reseller of high quality secondhand wire, cable, and optical fiber manufacturing equipment, Wire & Plastic Machinery has a vast selection of over 30,000 pieces of in-stock machinery. Machines are offered as individual components to complete lines and can be delivered immediately from eight USA locations or completely reconditioned by an in-house engineering team.

On asked about the experience, Mr. Erik A. Macs, Director of Sales, Wire and Plastic Machinery Corp. said, “We concluded several in process negotiations during the show and started many other projects. Customers and prospects were able to enjoy snacks and sandwiches along with wine and Alts while visiting with us.

“With the show now at an end, we can look forward to several future global events to continue our machinery sales – Wire Expo in Uncasville, CT, USA in early June (Booth 410), Wire Shanghai in Shanghai China in late September (Booth W1G05), IWCS in Providence, RI, USA in October (Booth 319) and Wire and Cable India in Mumbai, India also in October (North American Pavilion). We – Rick Narang, Rahul Sachdev, Greg Malcervelli, Rishi Narang, David Forber, and Erik Macs – wish to thank all that stopped by our booth.”


Zeller+Gmelin GmbH & Co. KG

The New Universal Drawing Agent for Rod Breakdown “Multidraw CU UNI S” was a Big Draw at wire 2016

The industrial lubricant manufacturer witnessed a swift footfall of visitors at the booth exceeding 300; its innovative Multidraw drawing agents for the copper wire drawing sector were at the centre

Zeller+Gmelin, the manufacturer of industrial lubricants, presented its latest products for copper and stainless steel wire drawing at wire 2016. More than 300 trade visitors from around the world visited the booth. The Eislingen (Germany) based company, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, already has set plans to be at the next wire in 2018.

“We were very pleased with the number of visitors,” said Mr. Wolfgang Kienle, Product Manager at Zeller+Gmelin. Among the approximately 300 visitors at the booth, many had travelled from abroad, mainly from Europe and Asia. Surprisingly high was the number of prospective customers from Iran, who engaged in many technical discussions with the lubrication experts. The easing of economic sanctions against Iran obviously had a direct influence on trade fair contacts. The number of visitors in total increased by almost 30 percent compared to 2014. “We were pleased that, in addition to our existing customers, almost half of the visitors were new prospective customers.”

As a manufacturer of lubricants, Zeller+Gmelin offers both individual and holistic solutions from a single source ranging from research and development to production. Many national and international companies such as Berkenhoff (Bedra), whose wire drawing experts also dropped by the bright red booth, benefit from the innovation of the supplier. At the centre of the new products were the innovative Multidraw drawing agents for the copper wire drawing sector: “Multidraw Cu CAS”, a new synthetic product for continuous annealing; “Multidraw CU MF C”, for medium and fine wire drawing; and the “Multidraw CU UNI S”, universal drawing agent for rod breakdown and medium wire drawing up to 0.1mm. Interest in the new universal wire drawing agent was especially high.

“The lasting impact of our editorial articles in the two leading journals, Draht and wire, really showed; we were approached directly about them,” emphasized Mr. Wolfgang Kienle. “Our own experts from research and development were at the booth to give detailed answers to inquiries concerning solutions. Whether the numerous talks with prospective customers will ultimately result in orders will only be seen later in post-processing.”

“We are quite confident because we had some very specific requests to certain drawing agents,” concluded the Product Manager.

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