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Inhol BV Successfully Merged With Melos GmbH

In January 2018, Inhol B.V. (based in Soest, the Netherlands) was taken over by Melos GmbH. Since then, Inhol B.V has functioned as a part of and on behalf of Melos GmbH. At the end of 2020, Inhol B.V. was merged into Melos GmbH.

January 18, 2021

Merger of Inhol BV with Melos GmbH is successfully completed

With the acquisition of Inhol B.V. in 2018, Melos expanded its product offering of special compounds for the cable industry, strengthening its activities and portfolio. In December 2020, Inhol B.V. was merged with Melos GmbH.

As a result, many years of faithful cooperation in the project business and innovative product development will move forward to the next stage in their development.

Inhol B.V. was founded in the Netherlands by its two founders, Ron Goethals and Jacob Steendam, in 1989. One specialism of the company is the production of resistant compound solutions for use in extreme conditions, particularly in the fields of heat-shrink tubing and heat and moisture-resistant compound solutions for the cable industry.

Melos GmbH is a leading manufacturer of compounds for the cable industry and granules for the sports and leisure sector. Through the merger, Melos is expanding its existing portfolio in the field of cable compounds and gaining relevance as a manufacturer for the cable industry.

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“We are very pleased with the successful merger. The two business fields complement each other perfectly. In addition to existing products, we can now offer our customers an expanded portfolio of special compounds for the cable industry,” says Marcus Hohlweck, Head of Cable Compounds at Melos GmbH. “In particular, we will be able to expand our activities abroad, which will help us achieve a stronger and more competitive position on the global market for cable compounds.”

Compound solutions from Inhol B.V will continue to be available in the same high quality from Melos GmbH.